Work at Home Jobs for Moms

Work from home. It’s one of those phrases that’s a siren call to those who suffer through the 9 to 5. The good news here is that there are plenty of legitimate work from home jobs you can pursue. The rise of the web has only made many more opportunities. The bad news is that it’s not easy. It’s possible — if you are willing to put the work in, but don’t for a second delude yourself into thinking you can put very little effort in and make lots of money doing nothing while sitting around at home, watching TV and surfing facebook. If you do make something happen in regards to a work from home job, you will probably, at least initially, work HARDER than you would at a 9-5.

This has been updated for 2016 with new ideas and strategies!

Note, we’ve created an entire legit program teaching you how to make money online. It’s free and we’ve put a lot of work into writing this to help single moms make extra money. Read the start of the guide here.

But such is the price you will pay for freedom!

Make Money Freelancing Article Writing

Here are the popular and DOABLE work from home jobs:

  • Freelance writing – apart from writing skills, freelancers need to be able to manage their money well, be selective in job choices to avoid being burned out over low-paying jobs, work consistently, and be organized and professional. Read out to do it here.
  • Blogging – may involve free or paid work, as well as contests with very good prizes.
  • Fiction writing – relates to writing novels, biographies, autobiographies, etc, in different points of view or perspectives.
  • Children’s Books – involving short and funny stories in an easy-to-read format.

Of these, I suggest you start with the Freelancewriting or Blogging. If you want to be a novelist of some sort, then you can look into fiction writing, either through self publishing on the amazon kindle (apparently, people can make a good living doing this) or landing a publishing deal with a major publisher, which is very difficult to do.

We’ll look specifically at freelancing in more detail here because we at feel that for the average single mother, freelancing represents the BEST and easiest way to add an additional stream of revenue. Blogging might also be another way, but it’s generally pretty tough to make money as a full on blogger — there are millions of poor bloggers out there and we feel your efforts are best put in other directions that will actually yield more money for your efforts. Fiction writing and children’s books are options, but they take some real skill and talent and often require an education which many single moms may not have.

As a freelancer you are essentially self employed in that you determine how much and how often you work. The freelance worker is not chained to any one employer — this allows a lot of variety in the work you can accept. The fields that freelancers seem to flourish in are any fields that need writing and editing services, web design, graphic design, photography, art, translating, tour guides and animation. Some freelance opportunities require contracts, others can be had with a hand shake or verbal agreement. It is always best to provide a written estimate or ‘Bid” for the work and then negotiate from there. A freelancer can charge a flat rate, by the day, hour or on a per project basis. You can ask for payments up front, % of payment up front or pay on delivery.

For large complex projects it is advisable to set up payments for reaching desired milestones. When you create a work for hire intellectual property you also sell the copyrights to the work. This is covered by the US Copyright Act of 1976 and can be full read at

Do read our article about making it as an article writer:How to Make $1000 per month writing freelance articles

You can expect the pay to be sporadic at first. The very flexibility that makes this desirable is also one of its drawbacks. It is possible over time make a weekly paycheck from your freelancing efforts. This is because you can get repeat business or long-term assignments. This is the hope of people who work at freelancing full time.

There are sites that offer a great way to connect with employers looking of skilled freelance writers and don’t think because you are a beginner you cannot win bids. Some sites have bidding areas strictly for those newcomers. Of course you will have to pay the website a commission, which ranges from 3%-15% but that is only fair for the earning potential afforded to you.

As a freelancer over time you can conceivable make a lot more money than if you worked a regular minimum wage job. In truth it really only takes a few weeks until you start to see the possibilities for yourself. You should sign up for all three and start making bids this way you have more than one Income Avenue.

About Using Freelancing Websites to Match you with Clients

Making a name for yourself in any online endeavor means that you handle all of your correspondence with professional aplomb. It is imperative that you understand that although working from home gives you flexibility you still have to put the time in to get paid. To increase your earning potential you must be prompt with your assignments. You will always be given a deadline for turning in the project, being on time will give you a good name in the industry. Even if your work is exceptional if you get a reputation for missing deadlines your earning potential will go down the drain. It is also important that you follow the protocols for the site you are using. Most of them do not allow you to give out personal contact information until after you have been chosen for a job. After you accept the proposal you will receive the employers contact information. If the employer wants to continue to work with you after the initial project has been completed you can then make arrangements to be paid outside of the program through PayPal or Moneybookers.

What Will You Get Paid Freelancing?

Not an easy question. I’ve been both an employer of freelancers and a freelancer myself. As an employer, I’ve paid as low as $2 per 400 words from a content farm. I’ve paid as high as $10 per 500 words (the work was not quality, however, and it turned out the person I was buying the work from was getting people from India to write it). For specialized content about a specific topic by expert writers, I could pay even more.

As a freelancer, you want to get paid enough to pay your bills and justify the time and effort. I suggest, starting off, that you start off about $5 per 500 words. This is the standard rate for new freelancers, I’ve found. Once you get more experience, more clientele, you can demand more money. You’ll typically be writing batches of articles for a project, so likely you will be doing several thousand words per day. At this rate, you’ll be making anywhere from 20-50 bucks per several hours of work.

Ultimately, it depends on how fast you can write with quality. I really don’t advice you to throw quality to the wind just to get your writing projects done. As someone who has employed freelance writers before, it’s very easy to notice when freelancers are just writing to fill wordcounts as quickly as possible. This is a good way NEVER to get hired again.

Freelance Job Sites (Land a Freelance Writing Gig)

There’s quite a few freelance websites out there. I suggest you sign up for all of them and see what sticks. My personal favorite is, but has a good reputation. I haven’t personally used the others.

  • Freelancer is an outsourcing company for small businesses. Employers post projects and invite bids from writers on various types of assignments. Writers bid on projects and, if awarded, are paid according to the terms of the project. For new workers one of the best sites around is This link will direct you to the sign up page,,  click on the register tab and enter the required information. Each step is explained and before you know it you will be ready to start bidding on projects. As a regular member you get 35 bids a month, Gold members get over 100 bids. The more you bid the greater your chances of getting one accepted. In the beginning you want to bid low, accepting smaller low paying jobs will build your employee rating. This is important because the better your rating is determines the amount of the jobs you are likely to win. Good ratings equal higher paying jobs. Another option is at it is a similar site to the one above and this one cannot be beat for security. If your bid is accepted you will nor be expected to begin the project until the money is in escrow this means you always get paid for your work.
  • an alternative to Pretty much the same thing. I’ve heard tends to have higher paid writers who offer higher quality; it seems to be the place to find expert writers about specific specialized topics.
  • Odesk: this is a one stop shop for everything. Specifically, Odesk caters to VA’s (Virtual Assistants).
  • People Per Hour: a newer freelancer site, but one that’s becoming popular.
  • One more personally tested site is, this link will also take you directly to a sign up page and they all work basically in the same manner.
  • Elance is a company which offers online employment. It helps businesses to hire and manage their projects, by allowing qualified professionals to complete various tasks. Work is available in several categories. Writing is one category.

Other Freelance Possibilities

Allvoices: Writers are paid according to the performance of their page views of the news content they write. Payments are made in minimum $100 increments.

Academia Research: This  is a company which offers freelance writing service. It is dedicated to professional research and creation of academic papers, utilizing generally accepted style and editorial standards used in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Their clients require essays and other written documents that are customer specific, of a high quality, and delivered in a timely manner. Documents are paid according to the number of pages, and payment ranges from $4-$20 per page. This company hires guides who are experts in their various fields, to run websites on their chosen topics. After an application is submitted, successful applicants undergo training for two weeks initially, and if successful, for a further two weeks. A minimum of $675 is paid per month to beginners, with scope for increase as growth is shown. Writers may also contribute on subtopics, and are paid $500 per month.

Associated Content:Associated Content is an open content network, and it allows persons to publish content on any topic, and in any format. Its writers are rewarded financially according to the number of page views the articles they publish receive.

ChaCha: ChaCha operates like a search engine, but with live work-at-home guides who answer questions. The company pays $3-$9 per hour, per answer.

Cherry Lane Music Company: This company offers freelance writing jobs for guitar transcribers, piano arrangers, and educational music authors based in the United States.

Demand Studios: Demand Studios feature applicants with writing, editing, and filmmaking skills. These persons produce content that is made for the Internet, and which appear on various sites. Writers are paid a flat fee and also participate in revenue sharing. They are most famous for their revenue sharing website. Note, as of 2014, is not as popular as it was so this might not be an opportunity now. caters to writers with insight and knowledge of local events and communities in various topics. Payment is based on the size of the writers’ readership.

Amazon Kindle Ebook Publishing: If you fancy writing ebooks about hobbies or guides or something specific (i.e. how to make money as a freelancer), you may consider writing an ebook about the topic and publishing on People do make quite good money doing this. Some of the topics can be:

  • Poetry
  • Self-Improvement
  • Diet and Fitness
  • Pet Training
  • Travel Guides
  • Children’s Books, etc.

Make Money Working From Home at a Call Center

The first thing to note about call center jobs is that some of them are scams. It is important, therefore to thoroughly investigate prospective companies before making any form of investment.

Some call center jobs can be done from home, in which case the centers are known as virtual call centers. Centers have various pay rates and these tend to be linked to qualifications. The types of jobs available at call centers include –

  • Sales or telemarketing
  • Customer Service
  • Verification
  • Technical Support.

On a personal note, I do know a few people living in Thailand working from home in a call center. They basically are given a list of people to call from their home company and call those people, selling products or services to them. So people do actually do these jobs from home and make decent money.

Legitimate call center jobs usually require an investment in home office equipment. These tend to vary from one company to the next, but the usual requirements include –

  • Desktop PC – Laptop PCs or MacIntosh computers are usually not allowed, and the desktops must have the following:
  • 1Ghz-2Ghz processor
  • Windows XP or Vista operating system
  • 512MB-1GB of RAM
  • Sound card and speakers
  • 15”-17” monitor
  • Virus and spyware protection software and a firewall that works
  • Software programs including Microsoft Word and Excel, WinZip, and Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Broadband Internet connection – DSL and cable are usually allowed, but not satellite, dial-up, and wireless internet connections.
  • Landline phone service – this should be a dedicated and separate phone line, without call waiting, call blocking, and voice mail features. Cell phones, cable phones, and VOIP are usually not allowed.
  • Corded telephone without buttons on the handset – as well as a corded telephone headset with a noise-cancelling microphone.
  • Instant message account – such as AIM or Yahoo Messenger, which can be downloaded for free.
  • Skype – required occasionally, but is also free.
  • Email account – some companies use a specific provider.
  • Web browser – such as Internet Explorer 6.0 or above, and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Printer – this is not required by all companies.
  • Quiet, private work space – some companies require a separate room with a door and even a lock.

Make Money From Home Doing a Paid Surveys Jobs

Over 900 websites offer paid surveys in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and many other countries around the world. These provide extra cash for persons already earning an income, but can also be the source of income for someone who is not. Companies use the opinions expressed in surveys to enhance their products and improve sales. It is important that respondents are honest in giving their opinions. Keep in mind there are a fair share of PAID SURVEY SCAMS out there too, so be careful.

Here are some reputable web companies that you can get started doing paid survey work for:

  • Surveys 4 Moms — another type of job. You sign up for this service and you are given offers
  • Paid Surveys — you are paid to review products and fill out surveys. Basically, there are a number of marketing firms out that pay for consumer information about products. That’s where you come in — you ARE that consumer information!

Other companies:

Survey Head: Survey Head invites membership to their online market research panel in order to participate in decision making in some of the world’s largest companies. It offers a $5 sign-up bonus.

Valued Opinions: This company conducts market research, and offers surveys which pay between $2 and $5, and up to $50 for specialist surveys. Members become part of a panel of influencers who share their opinions regularly.

Global Test Market: This company provides its members with interesting and fun surveys that are fairly rewarded. Each survey earns points which can be cashed when the equivalent of $50 is reached.

Toluna Opinions: This company pays from $1 to $5 for qualifying and taking surveys. There is also the opportunity to test products for free and then share opinions. Participants are entered into a $5,000 sweepstakes on registration. Completion of each survey accumulates points towards the sweepstakes draw.

Survey Spot: Survey Spot boasts a fast and easy registration process for participating in their online surveys. They require help in the form of customers’ opinions to shape the kinds of goods and services they make available to consumers. Rewards are in the form of cash and entries into their Quarterly Sweepstakes Draw for $25,000, as well as other prizes.

DollarSurveys: This website requires no registration, and has no minimum payouts, gambles, or gimmicks. A PayPal email address is all that is required to be entered for participants to be directed to surveys. On qualification and completion, $1 will be sent to the PayPal email address entered. There is no limit to the amount of surveys that can be completed.

Mommy Talk Surveys: This company is seeking mothers who are willing to become a part of their database and participate in surveys relating to babies. It offers a $5 credit on signing up. The company invites membership from some international companies, and offers contests in addition to surveys.

The truth about Paid Surveys is that you won’t make that much money doing them. Realistically, you may only make a couple bucks an hour — if that. That’s not to say you can’t make some extra money, but you are better off doing something like freelance article writer — you’ll make leaps and bounds more money. nevertheless, paid surveys are a legit albeit low-paying work at home side job.

Make Money from Home with Internet Internet Marketing

Another job that’s moms can pursue is to look at developing websites in which products can be sold or some form of advertising utilized to generate revenue from the website.

Note, we’ve created an entire training program here on on how to teach you to make money online with niche websites. Check out the link or start at the beginning of the series here.

There are a number of internet marketing opportunities and more than a few work-from-home scam out there too.  The basic principle of making money online through websites is a sound one, but like any real-world business, there’s a lot of know how you need to learn and a great deal of time and effort involved in the process. Internet Marketing is NOT a get rich quick rags to riches means of making money. It can take you a few years of hard work to see significant results from your efforts.

Be wary of any sort of online program that guarantees you huge sums of money in a short period of time (especially when said program claims it’s easy and you do almost no work). This is a hard business that takes a lot of work, but it can be very rewarding if you put in your time.

Personally, this is what I recommend (and it’s what I do as a full time job, so it’s a field I would say I’m an expert in). However, despite what you might see thrown around online on advertisements, you are not going to make six figures a year spending 2 hours a day working from home. It’s hard hard work — at least initially. It takes months, even a few years, to build up a set of websites that can sustain you with a stable income, and it requires a broad range of skills — web development, marketing, writing skills, graphic design, SEO, and general tenacity.

We will talk more about internet marketing in the future.

Internet Marketing can be broken down into a few sub categories. We’ll discuss one of the biggest, which is called Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate works with an organization or business to promote it without becoming a part of it. They play a role that is normally assumed by advertising agencies without all the cost. Though like the advertising giants you earn money only it is a commissioned-based program of earning. In the early days of affiliate marketing there were always reports of 6 figures and above being earned with little effort, now that it has caught on there is actually competition the task is a bit harder.  It is still possible to make a good income using the process. The thing is you will earn based on the amount of work you put into marketing yourself as well as the products you are affiliated with.

The way to ensure that you get a good income from this process is not that difficult follow these steps and you are bound to at least bring in 1-200.00 a month. Indeed more is possible if you first

  • Build an attractive and interesting web-site or blog. This is where you will post your affiliate links and banners it is like having a store front and putting up flyers for products inside. The content on your site must be compelling and updated often to keep interest in it. You are trying for two types of traffic. First time visitors and repeat visitors.
  • You site must adhere to certain standards to become search engine ranked in the top 10. This is called SEO optimization. The key to a successful blog or website is content laded with the most popular keywords connected with the product you are offering on your site. Google has a keyword search tool that shows you the most popular words and phrases that are commonly used to find the good or service you are planning to advertise. It is rare that a person searching online for a good or service will read past the third page of a search, so then your goal is to get your site listed high enough to be on the first page of this search.
  • You have to be patient and do not expect overnight results. The competition for each good or service is fierce. It takes trial and error to come upon the right combination of products. Persons whose blogs are websites are marketing things that they are passionate about or have intimate knowledge of achieve the best results.

The biggest drawback is that of morale. The time it invested at the beginning may only yield a few dollars a month but with patience and effort you will see this business grow.

Make Money from Home with Website Development / Programming

It’s possible to make a full time income by building websites for clients. There are a HOST of different means of developing websites, but some real skill is required here — you simply can’t just “start making money” with no skill. You need to have real training here.

This can be achieved by doing an online (or physical) degree / course in website development or programming and you’ll have to get hands on experience too. All in all, this is a career not some part time gig you can start making money with. But if you GET the technical knowledge by whatever means, there is an opportunity to work from home as a mom — a perfect situation for many women.

We highly recommend you pursue some professional training here — go to college or do a technical course in webdesign. After you get the education, you’ll have to actually start working and building up your skill set. If you are willing to put the time and energy into learning how to be a web designer or a programmer, you can certainly land jobs that allow you to work from home

Make Money from Home Selling on eBay

Home Business

EBay presents possibilities for earning an income. A company which calls itself IMC has a group of PowerSellers who boast that they can demonstrate the exact steps needed to be followed in order to start a serious eBay business. They claim that the strategies revealed will help sellers to discover –

  • How to identify the hottest markets on eBay and guarantee auction success.
  • Where to find the products offering the greatest profit potential.
  • How to write ‘bidder magnet’ listings that explode the final selling price, etc.
  • What can be done to automate the business.
  • Methods for driving swarms of traffic to the business auctions, etc.

Selling in Online Auctions

Selling on eBay is said to be like having a garage sale. In fact, some of the items sold are articles that could be offered in a garage sale. Selling on eBay has become very popular, and it can be done at anytime, anywhere, on any day of the week, even from the comfort of home. All that is required is a reliable Internet connection to the PC. A little extra income, or substantial income, may be realized from auction sales.

Selling Arts and Crafts Online

Mothers with the expertise and love for crafting may create websites based on particular craft themes. These informative and graphic websites could be used to –

  • Share knowledge
  • Share tips
  • Share favorite crafts
  • Share tools
  • Sell ideas
  • Sell crafts.

Make Money from Home with a Data Entry Job

There are business who outsource their data entry work all the time. You can connect with one of these companies through various online sites. The following links will take you directly to sites that offer this work at home opportunity.

Legit data entry jobs should provide you with job leads, scam avoidance training and many other valuable tools to make your search for a work at home job easier. you can also become a trader. It is similar to trading stocks on Wall Street and it is all done via the Internet. You do not even have to have a trader’s license to do this type of work.

Then there are the Standard ways of making money by selling unused items that are in good shape on Craigslist or Ebay. This can be a lucrative business for a dedicated worker. There are some who have taken this type of job to the next level. They buy local storage unit inventory that has been unclaimed and list the contents of these lockers on ebay or Craigslist for profit. You get the lockers by contacting a U-Store it type of place to find out their procedure for unclaimed lockers. Most often they put them up for bids. The size of the lockers sometimes determines the amount of the bids, as does the content.

Make Money from Home with a Work at Home Typing Job

If you can type at least 50 WPM you can find work at home typing jobs. All you need is a reliable computer and Internet service. Go to either of the listed links to see if you qualify for their services. Some of the jobs require that you take an online typing test.

Other Work From Home Jobs

We’ve covered some of the main work from home jobs. But there are other jobs — many others. Here is a breakdown list of SOME (but not all) jobs:

Virtual Assistant Service

A Virtual Assistant is an independent entrepreneur who provides administrative, creative, and technical services in her area of expertise. It is one of the work-at-home areas that are growing fast, and it has low start-up costs and high profit potential. The following equipment are needed –

  • A complete home computer system
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • A printer
  • Fax capabilities
  • Email

Virtual Assistants and Virtual Secretarial Services offer a variety of services, including –

  • Database development and maintenance
  • Sales support
  • Presentation preparation
  • Preparation of reports, documents, spreadsheets, correspondence, letters, memos, etc
  • Desktop publishing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Transcription

Accounting and Bookkeeping

As more and more small businesses find it more economical to outsource their bookkeeping and accounting needs to contractors, persons with these skills will be more and more in demand. Some valuable software knowledge and experience which would be beneficial could be –

  • QuickBooks
  • Quicken
  • Microsoft Money
  • Peachtree Accounting
  • Office and Word Processing Software
  • Spreadsheet
  • Data Entry
  • Administrative
  • Payroll, etc.

One company actually advertised a position for Payroll Clerk who should be able to perform the following duties, with just a high school diploma or equivalent qualification:

  • Input data from timesheets into Peachtree Accounting System,
  • Produce and mail payroll information and generate payroll reports,
  • Good oral  communication skills,
  • Work well under pressure to meet deadlines.

Proofreading Service

A freelance proofreading service could be a very convenient job to be done at home. This involves reading and editing documents for typographical, grammatical, and spelling errors. This job is suitable for persons who have excellent grammar and spelling skills, and who are able to pay great attention to detail. Special books and other relevant materials are necessary.

Medical Transcription Service

Medical Transcription is a very specialized skill which requires specialized training of more than six weeks. It involves interpreting and transcribing, from dictation, medical language which occurs in a conversation between a health care provider and a patient. This has to be reproduced using word processing software. It pays well, but it is hard work. The skills needed for this service include –

  • Keyboarding – which is more than just typing,
  • Excellent grammar and  spelling
  • A good memory.

Child Care Provider

Most parents work outside of the home, thereby creating a constant demand for child care. As the large day care schools become less and less popular, people are looking to friends, neighbors, and other acquaintances for this service. This provides a great opportunity for work from home for moms. They already have the required capacity for care and compassion which children need. To run an efficient service, moms may need to –

  • Check the regulations for their areas,
  • Develop a business plan,
  • Take a CPR course,
  • Have policies and rules in place,
  • Purchase in bulk, among other things.

Professional Sewing

Moms who have the know-how, and enjoy doing it, may want to consider providing a home-based professional alterations and seamstress service. This could be very convenient for neighbors, friends, cheerleading squads, dance groups, and drill teams. In addition, she could produce articles like –

  • Costumes,
  • Draperies,
  • Curtains,
  • Tablecloths,
  • Quilts,
  • Pillowcases, and
  • Sheets, to name a few.

Custom Cake Decorating

Mothers with the expertise and love for the art of cake decorating and designing may consider offering their services to friends and neighbors. It would be a good idea to get formal training in the craft before soliciting paid jobs, since word of mouth can be a powerful advocate or adversary. Pictures could be taken of completed projects for showing to prospective clients. Samples of a well-done product could be distributed to friends and neighbors, who are likely to be the word of mouth agents. Of course, adequate space should be made in the home to accommodate the activity, and the relevant equipment should be obtained.

Scrapbooking Business

It has always been a big business to preserve memories. The technology for preserving keepsakes and photographs has improved, and with it the methods and hobbies associated with it.  Talented mothers with a passion for making scrapbooks may want to consider –

  • Making original designs,
  • Custom-designed scrapbooks,
  • Scrapbooking for other people,
  • Making scrapbook kits, templates, accessories, and stock.

They may even write books on how to create certain designs, for example, or conduct classes on the subject. Scrapbooks and kits may be –

  • Sold on eBay
  • Sold from a website
  • Written and published as ebooks.

Dance Instructor

A mother who is a trained dance instructor, or who has much experience in dancing, could think about starting her own dance instruction service. She could teach all the popular dance styles from her own home.