‘Get Your Crazy Wish Granted’ – SingleMoms.org is looking for Applicants

Posted on Mar 16 2015 - 4:50pm by admin

Note, the applicant has already been selected by the interested party who wanted us to help someone to grant a wish to (SingleMoms.org at behest of a TV show in NYC was helping find some individuals who needed help and a wish granted).

Thanks for the messages. We got all the messages sent and we will keep you guys in mind for any future giveaways.



Are you a single mom (or single father) in desperate need of a wish to be granted or do you know someone who deserves to have their wish granted?

Then read on, because SingleMoms.org is looking for two deserving people are going to get their wildest wish granted!

We are looking to help grant a big wish to for a couple different people facing extreme hardship — outstanding individuals who deserve something special. We are specifically looking for people (single moms, single dads, struggling households, living in the Washing D.C., Philadelphia, or NYC areas.

However, feel free to apply / contact us if you are in a different state though preference will be given to peoples living in the mentioned states.


This Grant a Wish contest is for real.


Want a chance at your wish coming true? Do you live int he United States? Then simply do the following. It’s easy, free, and simply requires sending us a message with your wish and your personal story or story about someone who deserves to have a wish granted.

Contact us via our CONTACT FORM

Make sure you include the following information in your message:

1. Leave your contact details (a REAL email, your REAL name, your REAL ADDRESS address — especially the STATE and CITY– and your REAL phone number)

Note, should you be chosen, your name and address and your story WILL be checked for validity. A representative may even do a face to face visit, so this information must be completely accurate. If it’s not, you will forfeit your spot to someone else.


2. Leave a detailed story about your life, your hardship, and why you or someone you know should have their wish granted


3. Tell us what your wish (it can be anything!) is — give as much detail as possible.



This contest only applies to people living in the United States. We are specifically looking for people in NYC, Philly, and D.C. areas, though we will consider other states.