Single Parent Dating: How to Do it as a Single Mom

Posted on Jul 11 2011 - 5:42am by admin

There are single moms out there who are afraid to take the chance to love again. It is because they are still in the stage where they are still confused and are not ready to enter into a new relationship because they are afraid that the relationship might fail again.

Actually, single moms should not let their world put to an end. Although single parent dating can entail a lot of adjustment and compromise but still, you must have to enjoy your life while you still can. However, you must have to make sure that you are ready to take the risk once you will enter into dating again. You must be comfortable and not feel pressured by other people. You can stay as a single mom as long as you like. You must remember that success in dating depends upon you.

For sure as a single mom, you do not have enough time to date because of the pressures and tasks that you are going to deal in your everyday routines. Actually, for those single moms who want to try dating again, here are some tips that will help you have a great time ahead not only for you but as well as for your kids too.

  • You are interested at him – In the dating game, the main goal is to find a partner that you like and he likes you too. It is important that you must be comfortable in dealing with your partner with the fact that you are a single mom. You must have to tell him that parental responsibilities matter most to you so that he will understand you fully.
  • Off with the guilt – There are a lot of single moms who are guilty whenever they start dating. Although this is quite normal but you must not feel the same way for your entire life.  It is important that you can have someone to talk and listen to your thoughts and opinions. You need to have a break in your life.
  • Tell the kids – Actually, this is the most difficult part for single moms as to when is the best time to tell it to your kids about your partner. This part here is entirely all up to you. If you feel that your partner knows already your priorities and you are already sure about your partner, then you can introduce him to your kids. It is best that you have to make it slow. Introduce him as a friend and not as boyfriend is the better option for you to choose so that the kids will not be shocked.
  • Listen to your Kids – If your kids are old enough to understand your current situation, it is best that you have an open communication to your kids. This way, they can open up to you what they think about your partner and whether they like him or not. You must maintain communication to your kids so that if issues arise, it can be solved immediately. You must bear in mind that you must still continue to have the quality time with your kids.

Single moms should consider single parent dating. Who knows? You might find the right guy for you and for your kids. Give your love life a second chance because love is sweeter the second time around.