Need help with divorce

Anita Campos asked 4 weeks ago
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Anonymous answered 4 weeks ago

Sorry, it was not possible to post your question at the beginning of the thread. I’ll write it here.

Hello everyone. I have been married to my husband for about 5 years, we have a child of 2 years old. We did not live well together, constantly swearing, arguing, dispersed and converged again. Both of us are tired of this. We both want a divorce and this is the first thing on which I and he both agree in all these years together.

I thought that since we both want a divorce, it will be easy to do. I found a site where we can fill out the divorce forms ourselves and showed it to my husband. He started shouting at this and said that there would be nothing to fill in here. And we will resolve all divorce issues through lawyers. But this is too expensive for us! How does he not understand this? How to persuade him to resolve the issue peacefully and by mutual agreement?

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