How to Install WordPress with Bluehost In Under 5 Minutes

Posted on May 20 2015 - 11:45am by admin

how to install wordpress on bluehost

This tutorial is only if you have Bluehost hosting. Other hosting solutions such as hostgator, etc have their own instant wordpress installs, so if you don’t have Blue Host hosting, you’ll have to look up a different resource for installing your wordpress.

Remember, if you are looking to make niche websites (or any website for that matter), you need to have web hosting. I highly recommend Bluehost as the cheapest and easiest option.

You can get Bluehost for only 3.95 per month, which is as cheap as you are going to find for quality hosting company online.

How To Install WordPress with Bluehost One Click Installs

Ok, so assuming you’ve already purchased Bluehost hosting, have your login and password and all that, here is how to quickly install a new WordPress blog in under five minutes without having to mess with any of the technical stuff you normally need to do like uploading the files and setting up database stuff.

1. Go to MOJO Marketplace

In your Bluehost cPanel section, go to the section called ‘MOJO Marketplace’


2.  GO to Scripts and Platforms section (on top nav bar) and select the One-Click-Install button 

After you’ve clicked on the MOJO Marketplace link, you will be taken to a section that’s called Scripts and Platforms.

mojo marketplace installing wordpress bluehost



3. Click on the WordPress Icon you see on the page 

When you’ve loaded the Scripts and Platforms page, you should see the WordPress icon to click on. Click on it.


4. Click the ‘Start’ button from the wordpress installation pop up.


The wordpress installation window will pop up with a number of options. Click on the green ‘Start’ button. This will initiate the wordpress installation process.


5. Enter Domain Name to Install WordPress to


You’ll see a page load which asks what address you want to install wordpress too. Put your NEW domain name here. For example, if your domain name you registered was say ‘’ then THIS would be what you enter here.

If you get a message warning you that you are overwriting files and this is the first time you’ve installed wordpress on this domain name on your hosting, just ignore it — (check the box and click continue). The key thing to remember is if you have OTHER domain names on this hosting, just make sure you are using a different name to install your wordpress.

Note, you MUST have already changed the nameservers over at the domain registrar (the company you bought the domain from) to the actual bluehost nameservers. If you have bought the domain from another company that’s not Namecheap, you will have to make sure bluehost nameservers are being used by your domain name registar.


6. Click on Show Advanced Options


This will load a new section where you can specify the website title, your own username , and a password for this WordPress installation.

The default username is ‘admin’ but you should change it to something else, such as your first name or anything you want. For the password, choose something you will remember but something that is strong as well. Write both your username and password down.

For the site title, just put the name of your keyword phrase you are targeting. For example, if the keyword niche is ‘Best Coffee Grinders’, I would make the Site Title ‘Best Coffee Grinders’ or ‘Best Coffee Grinder Guide’ or ‘Guide to the Best Coffee Grinders’.

Just make sure your MAIN niche keyword is somewhere there in the title which will give you good SEO for your website and help it rank in Google for that keyword term.

Make sure the ‘Automatically create a new database for this installation’ box is checked (this will intall to a new database). The exception is if you have a database already created that you want to use. If this is your first installation, however, this will not be the case.

7. Click Install Now button

Once you’ve read all the terms and conditions presented to you,just check the box that indicates you’ve done so and finally, click the ‘Install Now’ button. Your wordpress will new be installed to your hosting!

6. Verify Install from the Installation Status 

WordPress Install Progress Bar

You should now see a progress indicator which tells you how far the installation is currently (it should only take a few seconds at most to fully install).

When WordPress is completely finished installing, you should see a page load showing you all the key information: your URL, your admin login URL, your chosen username and your password. Make sure you copy all of this down and store it in a safe location.

7. Log into your new wordpress!

Click on the URL given to you when your wordpress installation was completed. If for some reason you’ve lost this information, your wordpress login should simply be:

For example, if your website domain is ‘’ and you completed steps 1-6 above, then you should simply be able to type into your web browser window: and your Website wordpress login page should appear.

To Login: 

When you go to your wordpress login page, you should see a page load with a user name field and a password field. Enter that information in and click ‘Log In’. You will be taken to your new wordpress dashboard. Once logged in and at this dashboard, you can control your wordpress blog — write new posts, add new themes, plugins, set up the configuration, create nav menus, etc.

8. Configure New WordPress Installation

Once you’ve installed your new wordpress and have logged into the dashboard, you are now ready to configure it. Go to our ‘How to Configure Your New WordPress Installation’ Tutorial for how to do this