How to (Easily) Get Kids Exercising

Posted on Jul 25 2016 - 5:07pm by admin

how to get kids exercising

Many studies have found that making young kids jump, run, hop, squeal, and chase after each other can help improve their ability to think. There is a positive link between physical activity and cognitive performance in kids, but getting young folks to be more physically active is not always simple.  Even some adults do not like the idea of getting up and start working out in the gym. So, the question is, “how do you get the kids to exercise?”

Here are some  simple tips and activities that will help keep your kids active and motivated all the time.

1. Walk the Dog

You may not know it but your dog can be a great motivator. Take your beloved pet out for a scenic family stroll. Your kids will enjoy your company and your dog will thank you too for getting him some exercise.

2. Show Active Participation

Whatever the activity, be sure to join in the game. This little initiative will make activities a lot more interesting and exciting for kids. Studies show that kids love when their parents join in the game. Activities like taking a family hike, biking to school together, or having a game of catch will keep your kids motivated and active at the same time.

3. Select a Right Time

Whatever activity you select, be sure to time it right. You have to pick a time when everyone in the family is willing to do them. A perfect time to have a game of croquet or a family walk is right after dinner. After school seems to be a great time for kids to get up and burn off some pent-up energy.

4. Do Not Push too Soon

You should understand the importance of starting it small – do not push your kids to run 5K because that is something they are not prepared to do just yet. Start small. Go for a mile first and then increase the distance gradually. Keep it entertaining and your kids would want to spend more time doing that activity.

5. Keep it Exciting

To make physical activity exciting, you will have to mix things up a bit. Do not forget that play is exercise and you can always switch between activities to make your little ones interested. Take a short walk one day and enjoy gardening on the next day. If you stack wood one day, go bowling the next. Understand that any activity that gets your kids moving is just perfect.

6. Be Creative

If you realize the fact that going to the gym alone is not the only form of exercise, you can always utilize every opportunity to be physically active. While standing in a line with your kids, do jumping jacks. Ask your kids to join you in a race from the car to the house. Ask your kids to have a few pushups with you during TV commercials. And do everything you can to push that heart rate up a bit.

7. Spend Time Outdoor

You have to make it a habit to get your family outside whenever you can. Instead of an indoor workout session, go out and have fun in natural settings. Walking around the block or simply playing backyard game will deliver a motivational twofer and will make everyone feel better.

8. Help them Hang Out with Peers

Bringing a friend along will always make simple activities feel special. Invite your child’s friends for a bike ride and it will become a fun activity. You can also ask your kids to invite their friends for ice-skating or simply having some fun in the playground. As long as your focus is on making fitness fun, you will be fine.

9. Five-Minute Trick

It will never be easy to make kids commit to exercising, but you can still convince them to do it for five minutes. This is usually enough to break a small sweat and will certainly help build an interest in exercising. Doing a five-minute jog or a five-minute bike ride does not sound difficult, and you can make it fun to inspire your kids to turn a five-minute drill into ten.

10. Walk for a Cause

You can arrange a walk or another activity for a special cause. You can find more about organizations that host fundraising walks in your area. Go have fun with your kids and family. You can also organize walks for another cause such as your kid’s Little League or PTA.

11. Let Your Child Take Charge

Give your child the power to decide what they would want to do during the weekend. Letting them choose an after school activity or active weekend pursuit will keep them interested. This also makes them feel that they are in control and have the freedom to make their decisions. Some kids would want to go out on a walk, while others would wind up at a bowling alley, batting cage, or belly dancing class. Just give them what they choose so long as it helps keep them active.

12. Lead by Example

How you behave in your daily life is what you should expect from your kids. Vegetating in front of the television every night is only going to work against you when you ask your kids to be active. You have to practice what you preach and this will automatically motivate your kids. They want to spend more time with you and if you love to be physically active, they will follow suit.

The fact of the matter is that you can definitely try a number of ways to motivate kids to exercise regularly. You have to make it look like a fun activity, not just a boring exercise. Ask their friends to come along and take part in those activities to keep everyone safe. And of course, be sure to notice how your child responds to certain activities and then identify the best way to make fitness easy.