Grants for Single Mothers F&Q

While an ideal family is composed of a father, a mother and the children, there always comes a time wherein the family has to be trekked with trials and problems. Nowadays, because of the changing values and customs, the ideal family, as we know it, is put to a test. As one has observed, there is a growing number of teenage pregnancies today. And mostly are out of wedlock. These lead to the many cases of divorce, abortion and most of all the single parenthood.

Single parenting is not an easy task. The children have to grow with both parents around to teach them with values that none of the other parents can do. A father has a special task and so thus the mother. A father can not provide the motherly kiss needed by the children the moment they are hurt. Neither can a mother provide the advice only a father can give during the moments when the children are sad. So to say, both parents have their own special rule in the family and in raising the children.

How does a single mother stand with all the pressure?

In the issue of single parenthood, we often focus ourselves to the issue of the single mothers as the single fathers are very rare. The children, in case of their parents’ divorce, will always have to stay in the custody of the mother unless the court disables the mother. It is always the mother who carries the children no matter the many consequences.

Single mothers live in a very difficult situation. What with all the shame and prejudice received from the culture where broken families are taboos. They are, in the eyes of many, dirty and pitiful.

In spite of the many trials single mothers have faced, they should know that they are not alone in this journey of life. God is there as long as they have the faith. This is as true as the proverb goes, “If you have faith as a mustard seed, nothing is impossible unto you”. Plus, they have the government on their sides. The government has offered grants to these single women to help them recover and stand again.

What grants are there for single mothers?

These grants are the financial assistance given to the single mother in order for her to continue her life and help her improve for the betterment of herself and her children. These grants are as follows:

Agricultural grants – In this grant, a single mother is offered the financial assistance in order that she may be able to start her farming business and make money out of the manipulation of land and natural resources.

Arts grants – For single mothers who have the talents in dancing, singing, painting, acting and the like, this grant is good for them. This grant will help them improve their crafts and later on may become their source of living.

Business and Commerce grants – This grant is for those single mothers who is good in business and are willing to start their own businesses. This grant is a good way for the single mothers to earn income.

Community Development grant – This grant is a financial assistance provided to a single mother who wants to make herself useful in the community. This may help the single mother to broaden up her knowledge to the bare world and even draw out inspirations from the community she is into.

Consumer Protection grants – This grant gives the single mother the benefit of being protected as a consumer. She may even acquire discounts and coupons for groceries and even to items bought for her and for the children.

Disaster Prevention and Relief grants – This grant is offered to the single mother and her children who have been victims of the natural disasters and calamities. This will help the single woman to start again the moment there is a greater damage in the properties.

Education grant– This grant is a financial assistance offered to a single mother who wants to pursue studies. She may enroll herself to classes that would contribute to her growth as an individual. This will also help her empower herself and maintain her state of mind.

Employment, Labor, and Training grant – This grant is offered for the single mother who is a worker or an employer. This grant will give her the special benefit of having the time for her children and for her work as well. Through this grant, the single mother is allowed to work and at the same time look after the children.

Energy grant – This is a grant which provides the single mother with the financial assistance in terms of the electricity and water consumptions.  

Environmental Quality grant – For the single mother who is very concerned about the environment, in that case an environmentalist, this thing is for her. This will provide her with the assistance to make her more enthusiastic about this.

Food and Nutrition grant – this is a grant that enables a single mother to make sure that her children and herself is properly nourished. This will help her in assisting the health and nutrition of the kids and therefore become complacent that the children are not starving and are always in good condition despite the loss of a father figure.

Health grant – This grant is more related to the food and nutrition grant. This grant also is assistance in cases of sickness and illness. This grant offers a help in the hospitalization and in the purchase of the medicines and the like.

Housing grant – This grant is focused on providing the single mother with the fund to make a better shelter for her children. This is a big help for the single mother especially in case of fire and the loss of home out of any natural phenomena.  

Humanities grant – This grant is focused on the giving of the natural protection to the single mother as a person and as a citizen. This provides her with support for humanitarian reasons.

Information and Statistics grants – This grant is well focused on the giving of the assistance for the single mother so that she will be able to be equipped with the latest information that concerns her and the children.

Law, Justice, and Legal Services grant – This grant provide the single mother with the support for any judicial and legal matters.

Natural Resources grants – This grant focuses on the giving of assistance to the single mother in terms of the cultivation and the usage of the natural resources under her care and which belongs to her properties.

Regional Development grant – This grant is given to the single mother who has the potential of being a huge help to the improvement of the region. This will give her all the benefit that would make her a more productive citizen.

Science and Technology grant – This grant allows a woman to be updated in terms of the latest inventions and technological innovations.

Social Services and Income Security grant – This grant provides the woman with the basic need and the help in making sure of the security in her income and business.

Transportation grant– This grant is offered to the single mother who is in need of transportation expenses and the like.

Note: we will have a greatly extended grant section in the future with SPECIFIC legit grant programs that single moms will be eligible for.


Why does a single mother deserve a grant?

Women are considered the weaker gender. But in the case of a single mother, a woman is the strongest gender. If you have to look at the situation, it is the mother who has given all the efforts in raising the children and in providing the needs of her kids. What more is there to look forward to the category of a wonder woman than what there is with the single mother? This is the reason why the government has made sure that these women are secured and protected.

How does a single mother prepare for a grant application?

Each grant program or grant offer has their special instructions and guidelines on how to prepare on an application properly. A single mother has to make sure to review the guidelines carefully before starting the application. This is to ensure that important information about the program is noted and followed.

What single mothers should know?

In this world where the dignity of the single mothers are at stake, it is a good thing to know that after all, there is the government that looks after their welfare. The grants are sure to help them build their confidence once more, raise her children like no other parent can, and improve herself as a person.

However, in the access to the grants, a single mother has to be vigilant to the lurking fake grants out there. It is advisable that for the access of this grant, she consults some experts and asks help from those who have the ideas about the grants.