Assistance in New Mexico

New Mexico is often called ‘The Enchanted State’ or even ‘The Undiscovered Treasure of America’. Sounds pretty good, and it is indeed a beautiful state. If you love outdoor sports, a great climate, chillies in your food and meeting people from diverse cultures, New Mexico is the state for you.

But, however great the state and its lifestyle may be, life isn’t much fun if you are a single mom with a low income. You have all the worry about raising the kids without a partner, and it is all down to you to see that the bills are paid and there is enough food on the table.

Still, in New Mexico there is actually a lot of help available, if only you know where to find it. Stop worrying and get the help you are entitled to.


Financial Assistance

The next thing to do is to see if you might be able to participate in a TANF program. TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) is an excellent program that can help you to pay the bills, find good housing, childcare and get back to work. In New Mexico, this is where to look:

The above link gives you all the information you need about TANF.

Many single moms who are having a hard time paying all the bills every month look at Payday Loans as a solution to their problems. However, these short term loan can be so expensive in repayment costs and fines that you end up worse off then you were to start with, so do be very careful if you are thinking about taking a short term loan., read all the information below first, and see if there is a grant or similar program to help you first…that way to you don’t have to worry about repayments!


Assistance with food

Good, fresh food is one of life’s most basic essentials. And, as a mom, you want to feed your kids on the very best foods so they can grow up healthy and strong. You don’t want them to find junk food on the table when they get in from school…so what can you do? Good fresh food is often pricey, and your budget doesn’t always stretch that far.


Well, if you live in New Mexico, what you need is SNAP. SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program, and it is the new name for the old Food Stamps Program. It works in the same sort of way, but you get an electronic swipe card now instead of the old paper vouchers. The card is acceptable in designated grocery stores across the state in payment for or part payment for foodstuffs. In some stores you can even use o it to buy seeds to plant and grow your own veggies…and food doesn’t get fresher than that!



If you can’t get help through SNAP, you might find that WIC (Women, Infants and Children) can help you with nutrition. You need to have children who are under five years of age or to be pregnant, post partum or breastfeeding to apply.



New Mexico also offers Food Banks that might be of use to you.



Assistance with childcare

If you want or have to go to work, you also have to find childcare if you are a single mom. Not for you the luxury of being a stay at home mom! So, you need childcare that’s reliable, friendly, high quality and that makes your child feel safe and loved. It’s a tall order; especially when you realise you have to pay for it too! Good childcare is all too often either out of reach for low income moms, or takes up so much of their salaries that it seems hardly worth having gone to work in the first place!

If you are experiencing this kind of difficulty, the following links will help you to both find good quality care for your children and to pay for it if you qualify for the subsidies.

If you find, however, that you don’t qualify for help through these programs, though, don’t give up hope. There could be other ways of finding suitable child care. Try some of the following ideas:

Churches or other religious groups might have child care on offer to their members, while there may also be other community groups in your neighborhood that can help.  Maybe even your employer might offer subsidies towards child care for his employees’ children? Perhaps there is a crèche in the town that has assisted places for single moms’ children?

If none of these are possible, why not get together with other single parents and set up your own group? You can share the childcare if you work different shifts, or pay a little each to one mom to stay home and look after all the kids.


Assistance with healthcare

You need access to proper healthcare if you are a mom with young kids, or if you happen to be pregnant yourself. There’s no avoiding it, but policies can be so very expensive and sometimes you just don’t know what to do for the best.

If you have a low income, you could be eligible for Medicaid. The Medicaid program is in operation across America, and it offers routine care and well as emergency care for low income families. See if you are eligible for Medicaid here:

There are extra programs detailed on the above link for those who may not qualify for full Medicaid, but which can help pregnant moms and kids with healthcare nevertheless, so check the page out carefully.


Assistance with housing

When you are raising a family you need a safe, comfortable home to live in. It’s essential, but not easy to find or to pay for if money is tight. If you live in New Mexico and need help to find accommodation, to pay rent or even a mortgage, look at HUD which can help with all of the above:

New Mexico also offers assistance to pay the utility bills through LIHEAP. So there’s no need to be too hot or too cold!


Assistance with education

If you or your kids are off to college, you will be searching for grants and scholarships. Luckily, education is an area that attracts lots of offers of help, some of them from surprising sources.

Start by seeing if you are eligible for FAFSA. FAFSA stands for ‘Free Application for Federal Student Aid’, and this is what you need to apply for to get started. The link below gives you information, lets you download the forms you need to apply and gives you the school codes for New Mexico. Help is also available (if you need it) to fill in the forms correctly, so don’t be afraid to ask.

If you are planning on doing a professional course like nursing, chances are there will be assistance available to help with the costs, as nurses are always in demand!

There are lots of other ways of getting help with the expense of education as well. These can range from individual or specific to college scholarships to sponsorship from an employer or other individual.

If you or your children have disabilities of long term illnesses, there are probably grants for you. Cancer sufferers can get extra help in most cases. Check it out on the internet, as many special needs awards in cases like these are made across the US every year. Perhaps your church or other religious group might offer help in the form of a grant or a loan? Just ask!  If your kids are talented in sports, academic subjects or even in helping out in the community there may be scholarships on offer for them too.


Assistance with transportation

If it is the cost of running and maintaining a car that is a problem for you…and it can be expensive…why not get together with a group of other moms and share the car and the costs?

If you live in a big town or a city, it is likely that public transportation will answer all your needs. It’s affordable and reliable, and a good way of getting around.

With all this help available to you, there’s no need to worry…just get on with enjoying life in the Enchanted State!