50+ Grants for Women

Posted on Oct 14 2016 - 8:46am by admin

There are some specific grants (over 50 that we’ve found), that are specifically for women. To qualify, you’ll need to meet the grant requirements, but if you are looking for grants for education, for starting a business, or for organizing a community initiative, look at this list.

Note: these are NOT necessary financial assistance grants (though some might be), but are given out for exceptional women pursuing something specific such as an education. These are not given out for women who are in need of some emergency cash to make ends meet. Please look at our Single Mother Assistance page for financial help programs.

The following foundations can assist you with a plethora of resources including grants for college, financial help, transportation and shelter. Each have their own criteria for qualification.

Military Grants

If you have served in the military there are specific grants dedicated for you. The first step is to contact the VA to see if you qualify.

Avon Breast Cancer Safety Net Program

Avon has a foundation that provides grants and scholarships to women. They raise these funds through their products. The Avon foundation has awarded over 8 million dollars in scholarships.

Mary Kay Domestic Violence Shelter Grant Program

Every year the Mary Kay foundation awards grants to women who are exceptional. The foundation has awarded over $150,000 in grants and over $3 million dollars to national women’s shelters.

Altrusa International Foundation
The Altrusa International Foundation was established in 1962 and is devoted to contributing to human well-being by providing assistance to  local community service programs. They provide grants up to $1000.
American Association of University Women (AAUW)
The AAUW provides grants to female students. They also provide legal aid to women who have been discriminated against.

The Astraea National Lesbian Action Foundation

The Astraea National Lesbian Action Foundation works for social and economic justice. They provide grants to help lesbians and local communities claim their human rights.

Association for Women In Science Scholarships and Fellowships

The AWIS Educational Foundation offers predoctoral education awards and scholarships for high school seniors in the amount of $1,000.

Barbara Lee Family Foundation
The Barbara Lee Family Foundation provides assistance to women in politics and the contemporary arts. They are dedicated to promoting female participation at all levels of government.

Colin Higgins Foundation

The Colin Higgins Foundation supports organizations that focus on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered youth .

Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting Scholarships

They award scholarships to women who are looking to pursue accounting degrees.

Federated Dept Store Foundation
The Federated Department Store Foundation provides more than $33.5 million in education, arts and minority issues. They also focus on grants for HIV and AIDS.

Girls Global Education Fund (GGEF)
The Girls Global Education Fund is unique as their sole mission is to send girls to schools. They focus on grants specifically for girls and women.

Girls Inc. Grants
Girls Inc. offers Family Strengthening Awards to other organizations that help women and girls meet their full potential.

Google Anita Borg Scholarship
As part of Google’s ongoing commitment to furthering Dr. Anita Borg’s vision, they are pleased to announce the Google Anita Borg Scholarship, through which we hope to encourage women to excel in computing and technology and become active role models and leaders.

J.Jill Compassion Fund Grant

The J.Jill foundation supports community based programs that help low income and homeless women. They are also focused on education and affordable housing.

The Kroger Company Foundation

The Kroger foundation has been around since 1987. It provides grants to community based organizations. They focus on hunger, breast cancer awareness and disaster relief.

Open Meadows Foundation

The open Meadows Foundation provides grants to small businesses and start-ups. They goal is to help women and girls reach their goals to become entrepreneurs.

Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award

The Eleanor Roosevelt  Funds was established in 1989. They provide grants to women, whether it’s for a project or education.

Hopeline From Verizon

Verizon gathers unused wireless phones and accessories and turns them into financial support for domestic violence organizations. They have helped over 3 million children and low income families.

HORIZONS Scholarship For Women
HORIZONS provides scholarships to women looking to enroll in national security based education.

All-India Road Show on Women’s Economic Empowerment through Entrepreneurship

The All-India Road Show is a federal grant for community organizations dedicated to helping women.

Breaking the Cycle – Formalize and Succeed

The Breaking the Cycle grant is a federally funded grant which is focused on women operating a successful business.

Eileen Fisher Grant For Women

The Eileen Fisher Grant For Women is dedicated to support women entrepreneur by providing grants to women owned businesses.

The Amber Grant

Since 1988 The Amber Grant provides grants to women owned businesses.

National Physical Science Consortium Fellowships For Women
NPSC offers a graduate fellowship in physical science as well as engineering fields. Although  it’s open to all US citizens, it focuses on minorities and women.

New Israel Fund (NIF)
NIF provides grants to organizations that promote women’s rights. In partnership with the Nathan Cummings Foundation, they promote social change for Orthodox and Arab women. They also provide legal aid to minority women and  micro-enterprise grants for immigrant women.

NOW Foundation
This foundation is a non-profit organization that is devoted to furthering women’s rights through education and litigation. They are affiliated with the National Organization for Women, one of the largest organization for women’s rights.

Open Society Institute Grants
The Open Society Institute is a private foundation. The OSIG aims to shape public policy and promote human rights, economic, and legal reform.

Oprah’s Angel Network

Oprah’s Angel Network, was formed in 1998.They provide grants to small business and community orgranizations.

The PepsiCo Foundation

The PepsiCo Foundation Foundation aims to encourage healthy lifestyles and support education. They also focus on water resource management.

Patrina Foundation

Started in 1990 they promote educational opportunities and scholarships by for woman.

PeaChic Grants

The PeaChic grant foundation was created by women for women in business.

PEO International

PEO International promotes educational opportunities for women. The P.E.O.Sisterhood as they call it sponsors around five international philanthropies or projects yearly.

Proctor and Gamble Corporate Giving

P&G prides itself on being committed to social responsibility. They focus on environmental concerns, education and poverty.

Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund
Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund awards up to $100,000 in scholarships to women.

Textron Corporate Grants

Textron prepares both adults and young people achieve employment by supporting education. They also sponsor job training programs for all ages.

Third Wave Foundation Grants For Women

They offer financial support for technical assistance trainings and workshops. They also provide grants for advocacy and reproductive health and justice.

Three Guineas Fund For Women

The Three Guineas Fund engages in efforts to support social justice issues for women.

Tides Foundation

The Tides Foundation promotes social justice and a sustainable environment. They also promote healthy living and the community.

Travel Grants For Women through the National Science Foundation and the Association for Women in Mathematics
They provide grants to women who need to travel for seminars and conferences in their field.

United Nations Development Fund For Women (UNIFEM)

The UNIFEM is a women’s fund promoted by the United Nations. It provides financial assistance to support women’s empowerment and gender equality.

Verizon Foundation

The Verizon Foundation focuses on literacy, and economic development, disabilities and education.