10+ Smart Online Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Posted on Aug 28 2015 - 11:29am by admin

After getting married and settling down, many women get restricted to doing household chores and aren’t really independent with their own incomes and stable career. The career takes a backseat while their responsibilities related to house and families take first priority. In such cases, women often feel a loss of identity and confidence. It is very important for all women to be independent irrespective of whether they are single, committed or married. Being financially independent brings a whole lot of self-confidence and boosts their chances of becoming successful in their chosen path or career.

What is the best business idea for you?

Once you have decided to start up with your career and begin working again, or even by starting a new business, the question that often arises is what type of work will be the best for you. The only way to find the answer is to determine what your talents are. You might want to examine this as your talents might have been hidden for so many years, and it is time to rediscover yourself, polish your talents and start working on them. Whether you’re skills are in being a great cook, a teacher, techie, a finance expert, an interior decorator, an architect, a photographer, a painter or anything else.

Where to Start: The SWOT analysis

If you are confused about your skill sets and haven’t really thought about it, there is a great way to rediscover your talents. The way is through SWOT analysis.

A SWOT Analysis is Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat analysis. This is a window to your personality. By taking this test, you are sure to know what skills you possess. The best part is that this analysis not only reveals your skills to you but also makes you understand what opportunities you could explore and also what your weaknesses are and how to work on them. In short this is a complete guide to your skills, shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses. Once you get a complete understanding of your strengths and weaknesses it becomes easy for you to start honing in on your skills and working towards a new career.

Qualities Needed to Start a Business Online

There are certain qualities you need to have in you in order to start your own business. Before you get excited about starting your dream online business, you should have a think about if you are actually suited for starting your own business.

The truth is that not every person is suitable for starting a business, and even more so, starting an online business. Some people prefer to work for someone else while other people are simply lacking in the areas needed to find success running a business.

So what’s needed?

1. Management Skills

One of the most important qualities that you’ve to possess is good management skills. You should be able to manage your time and efforts well in order to reap in the profits of your business. You need to have a knack for business which means you need to be business-minded and have that kind of a mind-set to expand your business and become successful.

2. Organizational Skills

Organizational skills are also one of the basic skills you need to have in managing your business efficiently. You may even need to eventually hire employees to work for you, so you will also need to have good HR skills. Public relations and networking are also some of the qualities that will take you a long way.

3. Hard Work

Nothing replaces hard work. If you are going to start a business, you better get used to working long, hard hours — often for nothing. If you are not willing to put the time in, don’t even think about starting a new business.

Incorporating these simple qualities, honing in on your skills and applying some of these tips in such a manner can help carve your way to a successful career as a single hard working business mom.

Smart Business Ideas For Women

Now that you now some basic requirements for working an online business, what online businesses should you start?

Well first off, imagine the advantages. Imagine working from home, sitting in the comfort of your own personal environment and earning well. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It sure does. But this is no dream. It is very much possible for you to achieve. And more than a few savvy female entrepreneurs have done so already.

The sky is the limit as far as how much money you can make. But be assured if you are creative and you work hard, you can create an online business.

Here are some ideas that can help you start a business today. These are actual small business that many women run online and make a living — be it part time or full time. And some have found incredible success.

1. Freelance Content Writer

This is one business that is very lucrative, and many women, especially single mothers have chosen to do. If you have good writing skills, a great command over your language and can express yourself in text woven into beautiful words, this could possibly be the career for you. There are many websites that help you get work. Some of them are listed below:

  1. freelancer.com
  2. guru.com
  3. upwork.com
  4. elance.com
  5. scriptlancer.com

In the strictest sense, freelancing online is basically work you do for an employer that hired you via an online job website. You will do a variety of work, such as writing web articles, creating blog content, and so on. The pay scale varies greatly, but it’s a good way to get some consistent part time work that can supplement your earnings. In due time, if you prove yourself at it, you can get enough return customers (and new customers) that you might be able to make a full time income.

If you want to scale this job opportunity, it is possible to seek out other writers and start your OWN freelance company where you, as an organization, bid on jobs and distribute the work to your employees. As such, freelancing can be an individual job or it can be an actual small business.

If you want to get started as a freelance article writer, we suggest you look at our detailed how to work and make money as an article freelancer. We give you a full guide on exactly HOW to get started.

2. Affiliate Marketer

Many websites like Amazon.com offer referral programs for you to earn money from. This business is great, and you don’t need any special skill set other than having a flow of traffic to your website/s where you market referral programs from. Now creating that successful traffic flow, is itself an entire topic, but assuming you have an audience, you can make money with affiliate referral programs.

There are many different referral programs. Probably the largest is the Amazon referral program is called Amazon Associates. This is a great program to look into if you’re looking at making a few extra dollars to help out with the bills. Like amazon, there are many other websites that offer referral programs for you to earn easy money.

We’ve started a full course on this site on how to make money online, which covers many of the core topics on needed to get started as an affiliate marketer, mainly how to come up with an idea, do the keyword research online, and how to set up your new website. Make sure you check it out.

3. Blogging for Money

Blogging is a great medium in today’s times to not only express yourself but also to earn money too. Many mothers choose to blog for freedom but also as a second income. Free blogging platforms are available for people to choose from. Once you create a name for yourself and have a following, you can start your own web site and control and progress the way you want to.

The best two websites for FREE hosted blogging are:

  1. blogger.com
  2. wordpress.com

These two websites are easy to use, and you can control the content the way you want. There’s no need to actually install software to get started – -simply sign up and start posting. As far as layouts go for your website look, there are many templates for you to choose from, that allow you to design your website anyway you want. However, if you want to create your very own website, you will need to ‘self host’ your own website. This requires the following:

1. A Domain Name (buy one on namecheap.com for about 8 bucks)

2. Web hosting (get super cheap web hosting with bluehost.com)

3. A content management system (the world’s most popular blogging software is wordpress, which you can install for free from wordpress.org)

Of course, actually getting a website is the easy part. The hard part is coming up with the right website idea – one that is about a topic that can make you some money, and getting the content. Then of course there is promoting that content so you can get traffic (this can take months or years before you build up enough traffic to make decent money from).

Creating and making money from a website is a complete topic in and of itself, one that we will explore with you in future articles.

Take a look at our how to set up a wordpress blog article which gives you the exact steps.

4. Ecommerce

 Start an online retail store: The e-commerce industry is very popular these days and more, and more people are getting involved in this business. Websites such as www.eBay.com, www.amazon.com, www.etsy.com are largely the web sites you could use to start your business from. All you need is something to SELL on these websites and you can start cashing in right away.

For example, if you’re good at crafts, or hand looming or have any other talent, you can make your own products are sell them on these websites. Alternatively you could buy products of your choice from wholesalers or manufacturers and also sell them on these websites.

If you have your own product and a website, you can set up your own eCommerce store. This works best though when you have an established website with traffic already, and of course, a product suitable to sell to that audience.

5. Tuition or coaching classes

Tuition is a great medium to earn money. If you have a knack for teaching and want to sit in the comfort of your home and teach, starting coaching or tuitions classes is a great way to earn some serious money. The timings are flexible and you can set your own schedule and conduct the classes the way you want to. You can do this by conducting how to tutorials, YouTube Videos, On-Line tutoring etc.

6. Software or application development

If you are a tech-expert and have knowledge of software development you can choose that option too. In the world of smartphones, applications development for Google Playstore, Windows or Apple Store is a great way to earn a decent amount of money. More and more people are choosing software development, especially single mothers who have knowledge in this field and who want to make good money for their household.

You can make some decent coin to as a freelance programmer, freelancer graphic designer and such. Places like 99designs.com are a good place to hire yourself out as a freelancer graphic designer and places like freelancer.com and elance are great for programmers to sell their skills by bidding on jobs.

7. Starting an online course

Starting an online course is also a great way to earn good money if you have knowledge in a specific subject. You can build a site that enrolls people for a certain fee, who want to learn what you are willing to teach. This is one option that will allow you to make good money sitting at home, teaching people through the internet.

People who successfully create an online course and SELL IT can make tons and tons of money (we are talking 5 or 6 figures a month even). The kicker is, you need to create the course and you need the traffic to sell the course too — these are two different things entirely.

If you have an established website with traffic OR you are creating a new website or blog, then this option is something to think about in the future once you get readers (and enough of them).

8. Making YouTube videos

Feel you are good in front of the camera and have a talent of entertaining people? Or you just have great cooking skills and would love to demonstrate them through videos to the world? Then making YouTube videos is the perfect option. Through this option you can make videos, edit them through various popular kinds of software and upload it on your YouTube channel. The adverts displayed on your channel or between your videos will generate you income. Another benefit of this is that many companies hire YouTubers to talk about their products and advertise it and in return pay out.

9. Website management

With the millions of sites created on the internet, website management business has flourished a great deal. Through website management you can do many different jobs like managing social media interaction and promotion, hiring writers, selling adverts etc. This is a legit online business and if you are good enough, you can make some good money here.

 10. Digital Product Creation

This follows similar to the create an online course, except it’s it’s not restricted to a class or course. You create a digital product — an ebook for example, a video, software, a wordpress theme, etc — and you sell it.

You can either sell it on your own website or utilize another website with a built in marketplace for your product.

This is basically ‘owning your own online business’ here with the product you create as your ‘business’. While there is a lot of work involved, it can be lucritive IF you develop a successful digital product.

Some examples:

  • Software
  • WordPress Themes
  • Digital Ebooks about a topic / niche
  • Kindle Books about specialized topics sold on Amazon’s Kindle store
  • Photographs

11. SEO

This is another online job field that’s in high demand. SEO stands for search engine optimization which is basically optimizing websites and website content to rank better for the search engines. There’s other things involved like coming up with content marketing to increase traffic, getting links from other websites, and many many other topics included. If you learn the ropes of SEO and can market yourself to potential clients (it helps to have a  track record of working for companies as an SEO or having a number of websites that rank high in the search engines for specific topics), you can set up an SEO company or work as an SEO freelancer and make some serious coin.

Children and Your Job:  The Mother’s Dilemma

Mothers, especially single mothers, are often gripped with the dilemma of how to take out time for their career when they have a responsibility to their children. In these cases, day care schools and nanny services help a great deal especially since a single mother is the one who has to look after the child in all aspects including financially.

The Final Word

There’s many online small business opportunities available for women. However, you have to spend the time thinking about what you think you are best suited at then commit the time and resources to it. Don’t think it’s easy because it’s not. Creating a business online may be the hardest thing you will ever do, but the rewards are there.

Even if you don’t create a business but rather eke out an income as a freelancer online, the advantages are still numerous if you are a mother. You can set your own working hours around your kids schedules and you can work from home on the computer.