Rental Assistance for Single Mothers

Posted on Nov 12 2014 - 6:11am by admin

We’ve already looked specifically at Rental Assistance, which covers assistance for low income individuals. So you need to go there to see ALL the options.

Let’s talk specifically about programs aimed at single mothers or single parents in need. Everyone in our previous article applies (i.e. as a single parent in need you can apply for those programs). But let’s list some specific rental assistance programs that target single mom types.

Again, make sure you read our Rent Assistance 101 Guide which gives a comprehensive breakdown on most of the major sources of rent help available to you. This guide just highlights some of the programs more aimed towards women and single moms.

Section 8 Housing by HUD

The largest assistance program in the country. While this does not target single moms specifically, as a single parent with kids and financial troubles you stand a good chance at qualifying for HUD. You are in fact the demographic the Section 8 aims at helping.

The program basically offers you subsidized housing (approved by HUD) and housing vouchers that will pay the difference between what you can afford and what the rent is. This means you basically get cheaper-than-normal housing with the government also paying part or most of the rent as well – for a period of time.

How to Apply: Go to the HUD website OR contact your Community Action Agency.

Salvation Army Rental Assistance

If you are a single mother, however, The Salvation Army specifically does offer a number of rental assistance programs targeting moms in need.

The specifics are (make sure you contact them directly however as this information could be outdated) that the Salvation Army will offer single mothers rental assistance for up to two years. The services an include assistance with paying rent, tenant mediation services, and assistance in finding a new place to stay. Financial counselling to help with self-sufficiency is also offered.

How to Apply: Search for your local Salvation Army community center here and call them to find out the details.

Transitional Housing Assistance for Moms

Somewhat different than rental assistance, this program by the Salvation Army will basically help single mothers move into a temporary housing situation. These are basically semi-permanent living arrangements that moms can stay in (with their kids) for a period of time while finding a means to secure proper housing, a job, etc.

The Salvation Army offers various Transitional Housing Programs. Catholic Charities does as well. You can also visit your Community Action Agency to see the specific THA programs in your area.

How to Apply:

  • Search for your local Salvation Army community center here and call them to find out the details.
  • Contact your local Community Agency Organization and ask about available Transitional Housing Programs in your area

The Nurturing Network

A nonprofit agency that focuses specifically on helping women. They have a number of programs to help with housing and rental issues.

Catholic Charities

A national charity organization that can work with single moms to find a housing solution in the event of an emergency. The exact rental and housing assistance will depend, but Catholic Charities does make available some rental assistance and temporary housing for single moms. CC also gives out self-sufficiency counselling.

How to Apply:  Use the Catholic Charities search to find a local office in your area. Call them and ask what rental assistance services they offer


A housing assistance program specifically for single moms. It’s an interesting setup that screens applicants and if accepted a group of single parents share a housing rental, with each splitting the utilities and rent. This provides a self-sufficient cheaper and comfortable place for single mom types to live.

How to Apply: Go to and sign up for the program. Once you are a member, you can search their listings for housing.


One of the largest nonprofits that offers assistance of all sorts to single mothers and women in crisis. Look at their webpage for current information about those specific programs.