Were to go for housing assistance in charleston wv

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Carlie Graves asked 5 years ago

I am in need of some help with emergency housing. I need to have a stable place to live for me and my 1 year old daughter. We have been bouncing from home to home living with friends and family members and i just cant take it any longer. Its time me and my baby have our own place to live that is clean and that we can call are own.. I am so tired of worrying about were we are going to stay everynight. I just turned 18 so now i can actually get us a place in my name. Now the only problem is being a single mother trying to do this all on my own is hard and income is a big problem. I dont have a job but i have been looking. I just am tired of being stressed out all of the time and i dont know what else to do. I read that this program gives assistance to low income single mothers and helps them find housing. If someone could please contact me back if you think there is anyway that you could help us As soon as possible. I would appriciate it alot. Some advice if you know of someone who can help us that would be great to.. we will take all we can get cause at this point i really dont no what to do anymore. thank you

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