Single mother in College with no help

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Candace Dial asked 2 months ago

Yes Hi, I am a single mother with an 8 year old daughter. I’m almost finished with school. I am in a really bad relationship and need to get out. My boyfriend recently started using drugs. The bills are not getting paid and the house is falling apart and becoming unlivable. The lights and water are constantly getting cut off and Im having to boil water to just bathe my daughter. He agreed to support me through school and I have no family to help me. Since I’m going to school Monday through Thursday im  not able to work a full-time job. I work at a Church two days a week and my income is only 600 a month. My daughters father is not in the picture and and I do not not receive any child support. (Not out of lack of trying)  I just need some resources and places to call for assistance that will not give me the run around!
Thank you
Candace Dial

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Anna Ebot answered 2 months ago

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Alex Winter answered 2 months ago

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