Single Mom with 3 children came out of domestic violence needs serious help.

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Elisabeth asked 11 months ago

I really would love some advice.. I am still married but have a restraining order on my husband due to domestic violence. Part of the retraining order stipulated that he was to let us have the mini van as I had our 3 children. He would not sign the title over to my name like he was supposed to.Our van was in a wreck and it was the other persons fault so their insurance was covering everything. My husband pocketed the insurance money and fixed it himself. It is not safe to drive. I even got the local sheriff to look at it who said the same thing and that I should take a picture and call the insurance company as it is insurance fraud. I did and they said because the title is in his name there is nothing they can do. I have the courtesy vehicle until Thursday 16th and then my family do nt have a vehicle. I am barely making ends meet. I need help.. Is there any advice n getting a vehicle help with rent/bills.. I am only able to work part time as I am completely a single mother and all my family are in England. As soon as my second child starts school I hope to find a full time job I would love to go back to school even. I would love any advice please. Thank you!

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