Should I Move my Family Out west to be with My Boyfriend

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Abigail Vincent asked 4 years ago

I have been seeing this guy on and off for four years. Recently I moved back east to be closer to family. We still want to be together and he wants us to move back. i have three kids. My situation right now here is very challenging. I thought being near family I would get support and its not really happening. i am thinking of going. He makes alot more money than me so I suggested him adding my name to his accounts to make me feel more comfortable about making such a big move. He doesn’t want to move here since he has such a good job and like it there. He said he isn’t comfortable putting my name on his account but is open to joint account for living expensives and we can decide on a set amount for us both to deposit out of our pay checks. he also offered to put 2000 in my account if things dont work out. Is this all too crazy or should I go?

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