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Dan Swanson asked 1 month ago

As a result of the recent changes Google made to the SERP, IgnitionOne conducted an analysis to assess the impact this fact has on paid search results. Screenshots below show recent changes. Note the differences in the background color, font size, and underline under the ad’s headline.

For top 3 keywords, such as “call recorder application for iphone
” CTR increased by 6%, from 7.45%. up to 7.88 percent
With the increase in CTR, a marginal 2 percent was noted. CPC increase from $ 0.68 to $ 0.69.
For items 4-6 there was a similar trend – increased CTR and CPC, but for these places the changes in the results were not statistically significant.
What does it all mean?

The results of the analysis are not surprising; Google’s change is blurring the visual lines between paid and organic search results. This trend will inevitably lead to more clicks being picked up by highly placed search results, resulting in a higher CTR on paid ads.
For advertisers, this means more clicks on the same ad, with the analysis seeing CPC inflation with increasing volume.

Was the increase in traffic simply redirected from organic to paid? This is very likely as the results as a whole have not gotten any more accurate than they were before March 12. The overall propensity to click on search results has remained the same. So it looks like the SERP shift has shifted clicks from one channel to the other.

As all advertisers are affected in the same way, the odds are still level. However, those who rank higher in search engines are likely to benefit more, as the person using the search engine is less likely to scroll the screen to see lower results.

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