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Abel asked 3 years ago

Abel Polycarpe |225 1st Newburgh, New York 12550 | (845) 591-1497|January 20, 2019
In 1999, when I was five, my father was finally able to bring me and my pregnant mother from a third
world country to America, reuniting our family once more, well… up until a few years ago that is. He’d be the
same reason our family is torn, now and forevermore. It was caused by an unforeseen issue that has affected
our family greatly. An issue I can’t speak on. We’ve been separated since, but now, not by physical barriers
but emotional ones. My mother is now supporting and providing for a 16 year old son, and two daughters 12
and 19 years of age respectively. I am her eldest at 24 years of age and now serving as a father figure to my
three siblings. I know my mother is doing the best she can but I fear she will not be able to keep up, and is
running out of options.
A couple years after our family’s’ issue, my mother suffered from a serious back injury that has left
her on disability till this day. She struggles to bend down and stand up at times. Unfortunately before coming
to the U.S., she did not acquire her high school diploma and is just now attempting to get her GED but has
failed, and will now be on her third attempt to do so. Even after acquiring a GED I believe her job choices are
fairly limit, due to her mobility and education. I do strongly believe she sacrificed her education to work full
time and put food on the table for me and my siblings. And this gesture, we can never repay her for.
My name is Abel. I am currently making 40,000$ a year, but this is more than half of my households’
income. This year I am looking to enter college once again as a full time or part time student while working
full time in in hopes of progressing further in my career. I am working on acquiring my Bachelors and
eventually my master in Computer Science. My sister, Genie, had went off to college in SUNY Albany a year or
so ago but was unable to stay due a funding deference of about 10,000$ and is now attending Orange county
community college. At the time of this letter, she is looking for employment. She hopes to someday become
a pediatrician. My brother, Sammy, will be headed to college next fall. My littlest sister Sauvelene is into art
and dance. She is doing very well in school despite our family’s hardships. I am looking for any financial
assistance available to help not only me but also my siblings through college. But this is only one part of the
My mother, siblings, and I are living in a house I believe to be unstable and in need of serious repairs.
Our roof and basement pipes are leaking, our basement is damp and filled with rotting wood, water damage
has created a hole in our ceiling, and the houses’ infrastructure is currently being held up but wooden and
medal pipes placed by the previous owner. My mother is unable to keep up with repairs and fears losing
custody of my siblings. She has been stressed and now has lawyer fees due to the ongoing divorce
proceedings, an approximately 80,000$ mortgage my father left her with, taxes and bills on our house and an
apartment building acquired through the divorce. It seems like she is stuck and this is the main reason for this
I am looking to somehow, someway relieve my mother of any financial burdens and move our family
to a stable home. In the next few years or so I am hoping to start a family of my own and become a home
owner. I couldn’t bear leaving her and my siblings behind in these circumstances. I estimate, to achieve my
goals, which include relocation and buying a new home, education for me and my siblings, back tax and
mortgage relief for my mother, the potential demolition of our current house and the payment of lawyer
fees, the amount of money I would need to raise would be around half a million dollars. Any tuition aid,
grants or funding would be greatly appreciated in our situation. My plan is that in 10 years I will be a father
and husband, while also knowing that my mother and siblings are doing well. Also by this time my last sibling
would be graduating from college, hopefully debt free. I am willing to fill out any paper work, or anything
required for assistance including phone interviews, in-person interviews, home visits, pictures, college
acceptance letters, etc. Thank you for potential consideration. My contact information is listed at the top of
this letter.

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