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Anonymous asked 4 years ago

Hello, I don’t know where to find any programs.  I found you online – do you have an suggestions?    I have two adorable children. I am divorced from their father and he is mentally ill. He has promised to ruin me financially. He is succeeding. He and his new wife have sued me about 6 times with another one that was just filed. I am over $60,000 in debt over lawyer and court costs. I am trying to provide for my kids and get about $30-$40 a month from him in child support (so basically nothing). I HAVE to defend myself from these lawsuits – or he wins and then I owe him money. One of these lawsuits was for $800,000 – I can barely pay my bills so I must fight these. I HATE giving this much money to a lawyer, but I have no choice. My mother has had to give me $5000 and my sister has given me $10,000. I have to refinance my house to pay for this new lawsuit that was just filed. I don’t want to lose my house – My kids need to have a stable home to live in and renting is an endless situation that people can never get ahead of. I would use this money to pay my legal bills and support my children. I have to pay for daycare for my 4 year old and afterschool programs for my kindergartener. I am very nervous about being able to pay for summer programs when she is out of school in June. I work full time and take on extra work but they don’t make a dent in the costs of having to fight these lawsuits. The lawsuits are groundless and based on lies, but I still have to pay someone to research this and go to court to express this and defend me. I have tried to make good financial decisions my whole life, I save money wherever I can, I shop at thrift stores and look for sales on groceries. And I am still going broke because this man has decided that he hates me. Any assistance would be appreciated. I don’t know of any information about harassment and abuse through continuous lawsuits..? 


There are no programs to help children and single mothers who are still trying to keep their heads above water. Programs are only available after they have lost everything. I am doing everything I can to keep my house, pay my utilities, provide some fun for my kids and feed them good healthy food. There are no programs to protect people against un-necessary lawsuit costs. I don’t want to prevent any parental rights to their father, I just want him to stop suing me over unfounded lies that are costing me thousands of dollars. It is NOT in the best interest of the kids to try to bankrupt their mother. Thank you for any consideration. Id be happy to provide more details if that is helpful. THANKS

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Anonymous answered 3 years ago

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Anonymous answered 3 years ago

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Kate johnson answered 2 years ago

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