I can't decide on a divorce.

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Elizabeth Cash asked 3 days ago

When I was little, my parents shocked me with the news that they were getting divorced. Since then, I promised myself that I would never divorce my husband, but I would do everything to preserve our marriage. I never imagined that I would have to regret my promises, because my marriage will not be as perfect as I imagined. Constant betrayal of her husband, scandals and quarrels for the stupidest reasons. He often doesn’t spend the night at home, doesn\’t love me. I’m on the edge, really. And I have already prepared New York divorce forms, but I don\’t have the courage to take them to court. I understand that my marriage is crumbling and that there is nothing left of it, but I just cannot take this step and become free. After all, I promised myself to do everything possible, but it seems that I no longer have the strength.

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