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kate K asked 1 year ago

Dr Bosun is fake worst fraud. I wish i had read other people’s stories before i contacted him. Please ladies be warned. The people who are probably giving these testimonies are part of the ring. I have spent about 10 000 USD with false promises from this man and no results at all. Worst still, the money i sent via MoneyGram on one of the occasional got stolen. Probably he was part of this as well. On another occasion, he sent a fake UPS tracking link that i ended being scammed thousands of dollars by people who were saying that i should pay some clearance fee for the package to be released at the border! He later said he will do an investigation and catch these people. But the people who were doing the investigation wanted me to send the remaining money that way they can catch them as they go to pick up the money. And i thought to myself, you think am that foolish to risk my thousands of dollars for investigation being carried out in Nigeria???
This conman is very cunning and very persuasive. Of all those times he kept on convincing me how the herb he was going to send is more effective and that he would pay twice the amount of the cost if it doesn’t work. Since it is “100% guaranteed”. He would give these high hopes of how am going to have twins and that i should let my hubby know that he will soon be a dad. Dr Bosun is such an idiot. Please don’t fall into the trap. I did because i followed the positive comments on the internet only to realize this is all lies.
He wants you to believe all the other people (i don’t know who made them Doctors) are fraudsters and that he is the only genuine person, but he is the biggest fraudster.
Now he is threatening me and has refused to refund my money because i broadcasted about his evils acts. He wants me to delete them because he is losing customers.
I can’t believe i was brainwashed for a whole year and lost my money to this thief!
The government warns us about these people and we don’t pay attention and once we lose our money we can’t file a claim because these bastards are back in Africa.
Please stay away from Dr Bosun and there are others like him as well. They are all thieves
Watch out!!!

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