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Anonymous asked 6 years ago

My name is Jessica and I came to the US together with my son.
I had a relationship with a guy in Los Angeles, who told me to come over and live with him.  So I gave up my life and job back home and me and my son came to the US. He told me he would get my papers fixed, find schooling for my son and made sure I could find a job here in the US. But the relationship went bad, he became verbally abusive, he hated my son and tried to strangle him. When I tried to help my son, he kicked us out in the middle of the night. I have nowhere to go, have no idea what I can do. Tried to find help everywhere, but no one will help me because I didn’t got my papers fixed. All shelters say that they’re full or give me more numbers of other shelters. I have been calling around for days, but no help. I don’t have an income, place to live and with my last money I have been in a motel. This is our last day in the motel, then the money is gone and me and my son will be out on the streets. I am desperate, stressed out, no clue what to do and have nowhere to go.
So please, is there anyone who can help me and my son to get back on our feet and start a new life?

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Anonymous answered 6 years ago

I’m sorry to hear that. What a horrible situation.
You should contact the local Community Action Agency — these are government funded centers that deal with child care, education, energy assistance, emergency assistance, financial and legal services, food programs, health services, housing services, prevention programs, self-reliance programs, and youth services.
They are also the best place to get current information on what help is available and they may have some emergency help or put you in touch with emergency shelters.
Also, look into the Salvation Army — they often have shelters for women in need. And another source are churches and other religious organizations that sometimes offer shelters and free food (you’ll have to find a list of local churches and call them)

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