Claudia Carneiro asked 4 years ago

Hello, Good afternoon!
My name is Claudia And Im 17 weeks pregnant of an american citzen. We had a distance relationship and the pregancy wasn’t planned. After telling him the news through phone, He simply disappeared and blocked me from all possible ways of communication. I would like to seek some sort of assistance that you could kindly offer, about finding his parents and letting them know about The real situation, I would like to keep the doors open for this relationship between grandparents and grandson to happen.
As far as I know his parents lives in Pembroke MA- I’ve found an address searching on Internet, but I’m afraid of its accuracy as both letters I had sent through sedex might now have even reached the right address (I haven’t heard from them ).
It’s hard for me to sort everything by myself as my life is absolutely upside down and right now I just can’t fly to MA to personally try finding their address.
Their names are
Nancy Lomanno Brandi
Russell James Brandi
Address I’ve found online is
6 mellors walk – Pembroke
If you could at least assist me in making sure this is the right address,
I would have a huge debt with you.
Thank you so much,

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