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6th June 2014 | Career, Parenting
If you’re a single mom, you’re probably a very busy lady. You have to take on all the normal duties of parenthood alone, and you also have to assume the mantle of breadwinner and go out to earn a living. At the end of the working day, when traditional bread winners come home and flop
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9th February 2013 | Parenting, Pregnancy
“Dispelling the myths that can interfere with successful breastfeeding”   Breastfeeding your baby is one of the most important things that you can do to give her a good start in life. It not only provides your baby with the best possible nutrition (no formula can quite match it, breastmilk is perfectly designed for human
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28th December 2012 | Parenting, Pregnancy
So you are taking home your new baby, do you know what you are in for? Sure you have prepared for this moment for a long time. You have bought all the right stuff and read everything you could get your hands on. But actually living with a baby 24/7 is a whole new experience.
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16th July 2012 | Parenting, Pregnancy
Whether  you began your pregnancy knowing that you would be a single mom  or whether something went wrong along the way, being on your own and expecting your first baby can be daunting. There’s a bewildering array of baby goods in the stores, online and advertised in magazines. Moms’ forums are packed with people raving
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21st June 2012 | Parenting
So, you’re a single mom, and you’re doing OK. Congratulations1 You’ve taken on the tough job of coping alone and raising a family, and you’re surviving. Not only that, you’re dating again, so you’re well on the road to a new and happier life. But, dating as a single mom opens up a new list
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bonding with baby
20th June 2012 | Parenting
If you are about to give birth for the first time, you could be wondering about the mysterious ‘bonding’ between you and you child that is so talked about. You might even be worried that it may not happen; that it may not happen as soon as the child is born…or you may even be
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31st May 2012 | Parenting
It is an age old question, whether to nurse or not to nurse? Opinions vary from the extreme of: “Breastfeeding your child is the only option. To not breastfeed is tantamount to abuse”. All the way to: “There is no huge difference between breastfeeding and bottle feeding and it should not matter how a women
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11th July 2011 | Parenting
Part of child support resources involves the adoption experience. This can be challenging for some adopted children who may be bombarded with tactless queries from both peers and adults. Here are some tips designed to assist adopted children in handling those insensitive and tricky questions: Have early talks about adoption Waiting for the ‘right’ or
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