Money for Single Mothers

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Living a life of single moms can be very difficult. It sure does make life a living hell particularly when bills after bills are being laid up on your doorstep. Single moms have to deal all these problems alone since they do not have someone to share the burdens and responsibilities. Having someone to share the expenses will surely make a huge difference. However, single moms do not need to worry anymore because there are grants available now for you. Actually, some of the assistance caters to your primary needs. Not only these programs applicable for single moms but also for those low income families.

A big note here. You are not likely to get handed a chunk of change by the government. The ‘money’ or ‘assistance’ offered is usually in the form of BENEFITS — food stamps that give you access to free food, housing vouchers that pay part of your rent for specific low income approved housing unites, and so on. In every case, you will NEED to apply for actual help.

Let me be clear here. You wont’ just be able to walk into an office and walk out with a stash of cash. So as long as you are willing to actually fill out some applications, wait in line, and apply (and provided you meet the criteria), you may just be able to get some assistance.

Note, if you are in desperate need of help, go to the NEAREST Community Action Agency center. These are agencies sponsored by the government that have information about all the local, state, and federal programs you can seek aid from. If you find yourself without a home or in some dire emergency, you should seek out a Women’s Shelter right away or contact your local charity such as Salvation Army. They can sort you out for a short period of time.

Money for Moms — A list of What’s Out There

Ok, here a list (and some links) to some programs/services where you may be able to get some money, in the form of assistance.

Money for Food

For single moms who are low earners and cannot meet the daily budget for food allowance, they can get help from the government and they may be able to get help straight from the local charities  or even to those religious organizations who have programs and services in extending aid to the less fortunate ones.

Food Stamp Program (SNAP)

There are government services offered such as extending financial aid particularly to single moms who are badly in need. For sure you will have a big chance to avail this grant since these programs are intended for the single moms. You can visit your human services department on your area for more inquiries regarding this program. Go here to look at SNAP.

National Schools Lunch Program (NSLP)

Since single moms cannot provide and cannot cater all the needs of the children, the government has a meal program that help kids eat proper and nutritious food. This way, the kids can be guaranteed that they have eaten nutritious food and can get the proper nutrients of their body. You need to be evaluated and need to be assessed for you to qualify and avail the program by the government. Go here to find the details. If your kids go to summer school, there is even a program that targets summer school kids called SFSP.

Our Resources on Food Help

Money for Shelter

Shelter is really one of the basic needs that must be met with to shelter your kids from storm.  This is a place where you want to relax and have the time to rest. Since there are single moms out there who do have problems financially, they cannot meet the monthly rental and they have a big chance of losing their only home. However, single moms should not worry about this since there are many ways to solve this predicament of yours. Emergency housing is one of the programs that you might be interested at since you can apply this in emergency cases. Furthermore, there are also housing assistance that you can choose from.

So where to find emergency shelters and housing assistance? We’ll we’ve  cooked up some detailed assistance article to help you out here.

But what about your kids?

If you have problems in entrusting your kids to a person if you want to work, you do not need to worry about this. Daycare assistance can provide solution for your dilemma. You can entrust your kids to them and you are guaranteed that they will be safe until you fetch them. This way, your mind will put to at ease since you can entrust your kids to people that can be trusted.

Money for School (Scholarships, Loans and Educational Grants)

There are a lot of single moms out there who want to pursue their education and want to earn a degree in college. Finishing their studies can give them a big chance in getting a career in the future and can help them earn big salary. Although this could be a big decision for single moms who want to finish their studies, but sacrifices can be paid with more blessings. This could also help you in alleviating your current situation and could help you provide all the necessities for your kids.

Since education is expensive for you and you are out of budget for this, well, here’s the good news for all single moms out there who want to continue their studies without bills for you to pay. Here comes the big help for you. Actually, there are programs and grants available for single moms which are offered by government and non government sectors. You can have the option to choose from the grants offered. You may apply for scholarships that are intended for single moms. However, the budget allocated for the scholarship and the extent of assistance may vary.

If you need financial aid to go back to school, your first stop should be applying with the FAFSA application — you can find this online or at your nearest community college financial aid office.

Here’s how to apply for scholarship grants for the single moms:

  • You need to fill out scholarship applications. The more applications, the more chances for you to get a scholarship.
  • You need to have good grades.
  • You must have to fill out the scholarship properly and thoroughly. Having a properly filled application can offer you the best chance of getting a scholarship. That is why, you should think many times before entering the appropriate data.

If you want money for school, I highly recommend you read our detail guides on how to get financial aid for college / vocational trade programs.

Money from Work at Home Jobs

Financial help can be readily available for single moms…by working another job at home.

Yes, I know it sounds like a scam. But there are really some legit job options. You can work as an article freelancer, you can try your hand at niche marketing online, or pursue some other work from home opportunities.

The Final Word

It’s tough if you need money. As much as I’d like to lie just to make you feel a bit better and say there’s amazing government grant programs that will toss you money or there is some special program that will pay your rent, the reality is, there really are not any such right now. There are assistance programs out there that MAY help out with things like buying food, rent, schooling. But the money is just enough for your to survive and no more. Your best option really is to look at going back to school to improve your job prospects, getting a job (or higher paying job), or looking at working a part time job to supplement your income. I’ve written a whole course on how to make money online as a single mom to give you moms some tools to get started.