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Posted on Nov 20 2014 - 3:29pm by admin

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” (Chinese proverb)

 “Little drops of water make the mighty ocean.” (English nursery rhyme)

 “With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.” (Thomas Buxton)

What do all these quotes have in common? They show the importance of small things that can be added together to make one big thing. In this case, what we’re talking about is small jobs that can be combined to make a large income.

When you’re a freelancer, you usually look for larger jobs that pay more. And in fact, that’s the right attitude to have when you’re trying to earn money as a freelance article writer. Even many freelance data entry jobs might take more time than you planned, making them less profitable. However, there are times when you’ll want to look for smaller jobs that can lead to larger ones. For example, employers and clients who have a lot of work available often give small projects to new writers, but then later hire them for the larger projects after they see the quality of their work. That means that you should be willing to work for small amounts of money – but only if it’s worth your time in the end.

You’ll definitely find these small jobs advertised on general sites like and, and even on sites like Craigslist. However, you’ll have to sift through the jobs to search for the ones you’re qualified for. On the other hand, you could turn that search around, and have the clients come looking for you.

To do this, you can advertise your services – the small jobs you’re able and willing to do – in a place where potential clients can find you. And one of the most popular places to do this is on the 21st-century job market site called Fiverr.

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a website that was launched in 2010 by co-founders Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. Building on the popularity of the other online marketplaces that focused on larger jobs, they set up a system where people could advertise their services. Clients with small-scale or one-time projects could easily find people to do their work by searching for people with the appropriate skills – and people with unique skills found the place to let people know what they could offer.

One thing that makes Fiverr different from other work-for-hire marketplace websites is the way the pay scale is set up: each individual service, called a “gig,” is priced at $5. There’s no negotiating, no bidding. The buyer pays their $5 for the gig, and after the seller completes the gig, they get $4 from the Fiverr site. Sellers don’t have to pay to advertise their services, and all payments are done through PayPal.

What Kinds Of Services Does Fiverr Offer?

A better question might be, “what services does Fiverr not offer?” The website does block sellers from offering services if they involve violence or pornography, if they’re deliberate copies of other sellers’ services, or if they involve illegal sales or copyright violations. However, most people who advertise on Fiverr are offering legitimate services, so you shouldn’t worry about advertising your own skills on the website.

Here are some examples of typical services that people offer on the Fiverr website:

  • Graphic design. People doing work in this category offer to design a logo for a company, create a banner to use on website advertisements, turn photographs into cartoons, and create brochures that buyers can print out on their own.
  • Writers, editors, and proofreaders advertise their services in this category. This is also where sellers offer to do translations, write press releases, create professional resumes for people, edit website content, and do audio transcription.
  • Voice talent. This category is filled with sellers who offer to narrate and record everything from voice mail messages to movie scripts. It’s also a good place to find people who can write songs or create catchy advertising jingles. You can even find people who offer online music lessons!
  • Making things. The “Gifts” category on Fiverr is huge. There are people making and selling handmade jewelry and original greeting cards, while other people offer to make funny videos with special birthday messages. There’s no limit to what people want to buy and sell in this category.
  • Lifestyle improvement. This category is for people who are offering something you can’t necessarily hold in your hand, like a brochure or a screen-printed placemat. Here’s where you’ll find people offering to do tarot readings, tutor people in algebra, or answer questions about pet care. And there’s a “parenting tips” section where you can go to get advice – or set yourself up to offer advice to other single mothers.

What Can I Do On Fiverr?

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” (Mother Theresa)

This quote attributed to Mother Theresa really forms the foundation of the Fiverr philosophy when it comes to being a seller. Before you sign up to offer a service, you need to think about what it is that you like to do, as well as what you’re good at doing. Because you’re only earning a small amount of money, if it’s something that you don’t enjoy, you might get discouraged quickly when the time you spend on your gigs doesn’t seem to be paying off. But if you really love what you do, that time will go by quickly, and you’ll have the enthusiasm to keep working and promoting your services – and that’s something that will bring in more buyers.

Think about the time you have to spend.

You also need to think about the time each gig will take. That’s just as important as figuring out what it is that you can do, and what you like to do. If you really enjoy knitting scarves, but it costs you a dollar to buy the yarn and take you three hours to knit each scarf, that works out to a dollar an hour. Remember, you’re only getting $4 out of every $5 gig.

Think about ways to make your service unique.

Once you’ve come up with your list of services you can offer, ones that you can do quickly, compare that list to things that are already being offered on the Fiverr website. You can do this easily by using the website’s search engine. What you’re looking for is a service that the fewest number of other sellers already provide. If you’re one of only a few people who provide a service or product, you have a better chance of attracting the buyers.

How Do I Set Up My Fiverr Account?

Now that you’ve decided which service or services you want to offer on the website, you need to register for a Fiverr account. It’s free to register, so don’t worry about the cost. You also need to set up a PayPal account if you don’t have one already, because that’s the way you’ll get paid for the jobs you do. Setting up a PayPal account is also free.

Create your gig listing.

After you’ve set up your account, you need to create your gig. This is where you’ll describe what you’ll do or make for the buyer. You need to come up with a short title for the gig, and then a more detailed description. You’ll also have to choose which categories to use for your gig. Remember that people are going to be searching the site, so think about words and phrases that you’d use to look for the same thing. For example, if you’re offering to create customized word search games for kids, don’t just say “I’ll make up a word game for you.” Say that you’ll “personalize a word search game with the names of your child’s favorite toys, pets, and hobbies.” The more detail you use, the easier it will be for people to find you.

Promote your gig listing.

You’re advertising something, and advertising means catching buyers’ attention. At a minimum, you  need a picture to go on your gig listing. What the picture is of depends on the service or item you’re selling. If you’re offering to do data entry, then you could choose a pictures of a keyboard, or a picture of yourself. Sometimes buyers will prefer to see the personal picture, so that they have a mental image of the real person on the other end of the line. If you’re selling cookies or hand-painted flower pots or greeting cards, make sure you use a good photo of your product so that people will know what they’ll be getting.

Make sure you’re ready for sales.

Before you “go live” with your listing, you need to look at your schedule. While you might not get a hundred orders the first day, if you have a popular service or product, you may end up getting more orders than you expect. If you only have time to design one business card per day and you get two orders that day, one of your clients won’t be satisfied. Figure out how much time you need to allow for your projects, and then work on making room in your schedule  – just in case.

How Much Money Will I Make With Fiverr?

Ok, I lied when I said you can make easy money with Fiverr. Anything worth having in life takes effort, and the same thing goes with making an online income via a work from home job. It’s easy to set up a Fiverr account and create a listing, but it may take work on your part figuring out the BEST Fiverr gig to market. You’ll also have to market yourself and of course do quality work as well to boost your ratings, referrals, and grow your client base. All of this is not ‘easy’ — but then, if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth having and everyone would be doing it, right?

Suffice to say, if you are willing to put the effort into Fiverr, it can be very rewarding indeed.

Ok, on to the payscale…

Since you get a fixed amount for each job ($4 each after the website’s 20% fee), how much money you earn basically depends on how many gigs you have. However, there are other ways to increase the amount you earn with each buyer. For example, you can add an “extra” that guarantees same-day turnaround for extra money. You’ll still be making the $4 from the basic gig, but you’ll also be getting 80% of the premium you charge for quick delivery.

The Fiverr website also allows you to move up to different selling levels, where you can sell more than one gig at a time to the same buyer.

Level 1: After you have been offering your services on the Fiverr website for 30 days, you’ll qualify to be at Level 1, but only if you have sold 10 service or product orders, and you have no negative feedback from the buyers. Once you reach Level 1, you’ll be able to offer those money-making “extras” like shipping options and turnaround guarantees.

Level 2: It might take you a while to get to this level, because you need to make 50 sales in a two-month period. When you’re thinking about setting up your account and deciding what services to offer, be sure to calculate the time you’d need each month to make this sales target. However, when you’re a Level 2 seller, you’re able to offer more extras, and you can sell your services or products in groups of 2 to 8. Doing mass production of something like a screen-printed t-shirt can cut down your time significantly.

Level 3: To be a “Top Rated Seller” at this level, you have to be promoted by the people running the Fiverr website. They look for sellers with a lot of completed orders who have consistently high ratings from the buyers. Because a Top Rated Seller can add extras of up to $100 more per order, this is a goal worth reaching for!

 What’s My Future With Fiverr?

If you have a popular product or service, and you can find enough buyers, you could develop a reasonable extra income from your Fiverr gigs. Some people have turned their gigs into full-time work, or at least steady part-time work. Many people have developed their own small businesses starting with the client sales they got on Fiverr, but for most it’s usually just something that they can use to earn between $10 and $1,000 per month.

Fiverr has just launched a new site makeover that will offer better search functions and an improved interface, and there’s no sign that sales are going to slow down any time soon. If you’re confident that you have a service or product that clients and buyers will love, then don’t wait any longer to set up your Fiverr account and start earning money!