How to Save Big Money on Amazon

Posted on Jul 22 2015 - 5:24pm by admin

Amazon is the ultimate online shopping destination that sells pretty much everything you can think of, ranging from books to furniture. The appeal of the digital superstore is simple: it’s a one-stop shop with fast delivery options and many discounted items. The important thing to remember is that shopping is shopping.  The same techniques you use when shopping the customary way, are the same techniques you can apply when shopping on amazon.

To make the most of your Amazon shopping experience, follow these tips:

1. Snatch Up Warehouse Deals

Shop Amazon’s Warehouse Deals for deep discounts on near-date, open-box, refurbished and slightly damaged merchandise. For even bigger savings, look for items that qualify for FREE Super Saver Shipping. This is the same concept as shopping at any warehouse – Sam’s, Cosco’s, BJ’s, etc.

Things To Remember about Amazon: All items sold at Amazon Warehouse are always sorted by the condition of the product (such as Acceptable, Very Good, Like New, and so on). If you buy an item for the Amazon Warehouse, you won’t be getting the original warranty on the product, but Amazon throws in their own warranty that covers up to $2500 including any shipping costs.

2. Shop the Outlet Store

Pick up merchandise at closeout prices by shopping Amazon’s outlet store. You’ll save at least 25%; and, in many cases, more than 70%. Do you shop at a consignment shop or an outlet mall? Imagine outlet shopping at a mall, but it’s from the comfort of your living room.

3. Search for Clearance Bargains

Looking for a real steal? Then, check out This site allows you to search for deals in all Amazon departments by the percentage off—anywhere from 10-90% off. Imagine that clearance rack at your favorite department store with a sign that says, “90% off.”  How exciting is that?

4. Check the Deals and Bargains Section

The Deals and Bargains page is your one-stop spot for all of the latest information on sales, markdowns and special promotions. Be sure to check it regularly. You can find this by clicking on the “Today’s Deals” link at the top of any Amazon page, and select “Deals and Bargains” from the menu.

5. Activate Digital Coupons

Check the coupons page before you place an order to see if there are any coupons that you can activate. These include coupons for groceries and household essentials, as well as coupons for housewares, electronics and more. It’s better than cutting coupons out of the newspaper circular!

Things To Remember: Amazon is always shifting their Gold Box Deals around, so to really take best advantage of these savings, you need to check the site often. Some Gold Box items and Coupons can also be saved to your amazon shopping cart or wish list so you can refer back to them more easily.

6. Grab the Daily Digital Deals

Amazon offers several freebies each day, and we aren’t talking about junky stuff. Visit the Digital Deals page to view the current offers, which could include free apps, eBooks, song downloads and more. This page is also shows all the current discounts on movies, eBooks and more.

7. Buy Used

Find an item that you want on Amazon, but not thrilled with the price? Then, check to see if you can buy it used. Amazon allows private sellers to post their used items up for sale alongside the new items. Just look for the link that says “# used and new for sale” and click on it to see what’s available.

Things To Remember:  If the product your ordered is broken and shipped to you, you should be able to wrangle a quick replacement order that includes next day shipping from Amazon. If the item comes from a third party (rather than amazon), you will get your refund and 2 or 3 day shipping.

8. Amazon Mom

Moms are big business for retailers. All those diapers and wipes and baby supplies add up quickly, but you can get 20 percent off with Amazon Mom. Amazon Mom is free to join and gets you 20 percent off diapers and wipes, as well as all the benefits of Prime membership. If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, you’ll receive all Amazon Mom benefits free. If you’re not, signing up will get you a free 30-day trial, but when it ends you’ll be charged the regular $99 charge for Prime.

It goes without saying that parenting and motherhood is big money for major retailers. Moms make up some serious purchasing between all the diapers, baby wipes, and other baby supplies, there’s billions to be made from mothers. Some big retailers have capitalized on this with discount programs for regularly purchased baby items. The biggest program of all is Amazon Mom.

Amazon Mom is free to join (you just sign up) and you save a consistent 20 percent on all diapers and baby wipes. You also get PRIME membership as well as part of the deal. Note that if you’ve signed up for PRIME membership already, you have free access to Amazon Mom as part of the PRIME membership. If you are not a PRIME member already, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial. The membership is 99 per year and includes a host of benefits such as free next day shipping, free video, free storage, and more.

Things To Remember: Amazon Mom is limited to only just one membership per household, so you can’t do a double registration for double the diaper discounts. When you Amazon Mom trial finishes, you’ll get a special Amazon Price that’s $49 instead of $99 as well.

9. Amazon freebies

There are some serious freebies to be had on Amazon, if you keep your eye out for special promos. These freebies include things like free music, free kindle ebooks, and even free video streaming. Some items you buy also throw in freebies. For example, if you buy a certain movie, you may get free video streaming of another video thrown in too.

10. Trade-in program

If there’s something you need to get rid of, consider Amazon’s trade-in program. What’s great about this is it’s easy to look up the specific item you want to trade and you’ll be able to see the price you’ll get for it. It takes less effort to trade in the item and earn cash versus trying to list the item to resell it to others. Keep in mind that the items you trade in have to be in good condition, and if they don’t meet Amazon’s standards, they will be shipped back to you without charge.

Things To Remember: Of course, trading something into Amazon means you’re getting an Amazon Gift Card and not actual cash, but it’s definitely a no-brainer if you use Amazon to buy a lot. Anything beats leaving your old stuff to collect dust in a closet


So these are 10 ways the pros pay less when shopping on Amazon. What is your favorite way to save? Leave us a comment to share your savings strategy. What’s your good news?