How to Build a Niche Website: From Keywords to WordPress

Posted on May 20 2015 - 12:07pm by admin

setting up hosting

Back again with another sessions of our Make Money Online Passively with Niche Websites.

Now IF you’ve been following the series by now, you’ll see I’ve shown you how to do the following:

1. Find a Potential Niche to Make a Website About

Answering the Question: Does this niche/topic look like a good prospect for making a website about

2. Determine if Niche is Profitable by looking a Commercial Intent

Answering the Question: Can I Make Money in this Niche with a website

3. Analyze the Competition in Your Niche

Answering the Question: Can I rank a new website in this niche sooner than later)

 Now if you’ve find a keyword niche (a more broad niche with many keywords in it which ALL look good) or a longtail keyword (a more specific keyword) that you’ve done steps 1 to 3 for and with each question the answer has been a resounding YES (or at least close enough to a YES that you feel good about it), then you need to actually BUILD a website.

Make sure you read my final article about what you need to know before deciding on a niche to build a website about.

You Need to DO the Work or This Means Nothing

This stuff I’m talking about is PRACTICAL hands on stuff. This is not a bunch of theory you learn in class and forget about afterwards. This is about DOING it. That means if after reading those three massive articles that combined took me about two week to write for you, you STILL haven’t put that advice into practice and come up with a list of a couple good keywords niches to create a website about, then GO BACK AND DO IT.

Or stop reading because you are wasting your time.

You need to START now, find some good website ideas with the intention to put a bit (maybe a lot) of time into your website. Because it can change your life forever. There is no final exam here you need to pass. No written test.

The test is life.

Do you want to change your life and your circumstances?

If the answer is YES, then make sure you read those articles and find those keyword niches, then come back to this article and be prepared to CREATE you first website. You’ll learn a ton in the process and you’ll find yourself more confident. Once you see some success and make your first bit of money, even if it’s .01c after 6 months, you’ll see it is possible to make a living online, even as a single mom without prospects.

Maybe you’ll shock the shit out of everyone you know and prove the world you CAN do it.

(I believe you can, otherwise I would not be spending my time writing these articles)

Getting Your Domain Name and Hosting Services Set Up

Ok, now that you are ready to start a website, here is how to do it. Or at least the first part.

For our niche websites, we will be using WordPress, which is a blogging content management system (CMS) which is dead simple to use. Once you install it, you can add new blog posts by simply logging into your website, writing a post, and publishing it.

We are going to break this into three smaller articles:

  1. Domain Name and Hosting
  2. Installing WordPress
  3. Configuring WordPress

After this, we will start talking about How to Build Your Niche Website Content an How to Rank Your Website: SEO for Dummies

This is what we will need to do just so we can get ready to install our website:

  1. Register a NEW domain name
  2. Get some web hosting with a reputable hosting company to store/host your new website on
  3. Link the domain name nameservers with the domain registrar to the web hosting company which will host your website

From Niche Keywords to Creating Your Website…The Steps

Here’s how to ‘create’ your website from scratch when you have your keyword niche/s picked out and are ready to create your first website.

Step 1: Register a Domain Name

You have your keyword niche already in mind. The first thing you need to do is register a domain name. This is a VERY important step. This will become YOUR website name, your brand, your face, your location.

You don’t want to choose something you are going to regret later on.

Go to and register a new domain name (this is my registrar of choice. For NEW domains, offers discount codes (go here) to knock a couple bucks off the price.

With the coupon, you’ll pay about $9.00 for the domain name per year. If you want to take advantage of the price and save a few dollars, register the domain for 2 (or even 3 years) to lock in the price. Domain prices tend to go up by a dollar or two every couple years with inflation. comes with free PRIVACY protection, which you absolutely want. If you don’t have privacy protection enabled, your personal information (email, name, etc) will be public and as a result you will get SPAM emails sent to your inbox.

I’ve written an entire guide on How to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Niche website. SO make sure you read it before continuing.

Step 2: Get Some Web hosting

Getting your domain name is only HALF the equation. Once you have your domain name, you now need an actual place to put your website. This is called web hosting. Think of it like a computer you are ‘renting’ that will be showing your website to the world. You rent the space per month or year and this service will show your website to visitors, manage any technical difficulties, and generally keep your website working.

You get access to this web space and can upload or download files from it.

I recommend Bluehost as the web hosting company to choose.

It’s cheap (3.95 per month if you buy 12 months of hosting up front) , reliable, and you can put unlimited websites on one account.

Step 3: Change Domain Nameservers to Hosting Nameserver

Once you have your website and your hosting (which you absolutely need by this point if you want to continue), you will need to change your NAME SERVER to point to your hosting company.

YOu will need this information:

Now we will have to go to namecheap, log in, and change the nameservers on your new domain TO point to your web hosting DNS (domain name servers). What this does is associate your domain name WITH your new host, basically linking them together. This lets you install your new website to the web host and makes it so when people TYPE your domain into the URL bar on a browser, your website will load. It also means GOOGLE can start to read your website and put it in their search engine so people can find your website.

Make sense?

So here’s how to do it:

How to Change Nameservers on NameCheap:

On namecheap’s admin panel:

1: Log In with your user name and password. You will have this IF you bought your domain name with them

2: Go to the Number of Domains in Your Account Section


3: Click on the Domain you want to change the nameservers for. If THIS is the first domain you’ve bought with namecheap, there will only be onedomain in the list. Click on it

namecheap2 namecheap3

4: Click on the Domain Name Server Setup, then click on the option to SPECIFY CUSTOM DNS Servers. Then put in the following in each field (just like the image below):


When you’ve done this, click on Save Changes. It will take anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours for the changes to be in effect. If you try to upload your wordpress to your hosting, you won’t be able to using the domain name in the ftp software until the nameserver change registers.

It should take less than an hour though, maybe even only a few minutes.



Step 4: Installing Your WordPress onto Your Domain at Bluehost

Now, assuming you’ve done the following:

1. Purchased your new domain name with Namecheap

2. Purchased (1 year) web hosting with Bluehost

3. Changed the name servers on your domain name (with Namecheap) to bluehost name servers

You should now be able to install wordpress on your NEW domain name. Keep in mind once you do step 3, there may be a few minutes to an hour or so before your domain name will LOAD your website as it takes time to update the world wide servers that you’ve associated your domain name with a web host.

If you have blue host hosting (and remember, you SHOULD as it’s one of the cheapest, most reliable web hosts out there), you can now EASILY install wordpress on it with a single click of the button.

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost

I’ve created a tutorial on how to install wordpress on bluehost here which shows you how to do this. SO read it and come back.

What if you don’t have Bluehost and want to install wordpress manually?

Well darn it, then it’s a lot more work (it’s actually easy and only takes about 15 or so minutes if you know what you are doing, but if not, it can be confusing).

If you don’t have bluehost hosting, well, you can still do it the manual way and upload the installation yourself via FTP software (such as This sounds complicated, but it’s not.

Still there are some technical things that I don’t really want to cover here. There are a million tutorials you can find on YouTube or just doing a google search that will tell you how download the wordpress software, upload it to your hosting, and setting up the database, and installing the wordpress software.

This is actually our NEXT article in the series. I will show you how to configure your wordpress and get it set up and ready for action.

Where We Are Now on our Make Money Online with Niche Websites Journey…

A recap of where we are as of right now, assuming you’ve followed the first three articles in the series and every step in this article itself. If you haven’t and you want to continue on this journey, make sure you do. Or you will be wasting your time reading these tutorials. The whole goal here is to show you how to do this and you have to follow along and do the work to get started.

1. You should have found some good niches with decent search traffic and money potential

2. Those niche/s should have good commercial intent

3. You have done keyword competition and the signs are GOOD that the niche is NOT TOO COMPETITIVE

4.  If you’ve followed the steps in this article guide exactly, you should NOW have the following completed:

  • Bought Domain Name (about $9 USD)
  • Bought Hosting for 1 Year (about $50 USD — though you can do month to month for 7 bucks per month with Bluehost if you don’t want to spend 1 year up front in cash)
  • Change the nameservers on your domain name to point to bluehost servers
  • Used the Bluehost 1 Click WordPress Install to INSTALL your wordpress onto your new domain
  • Logged successfully into your wordpress dashboard

If you have all this done, then you are ready for the next part of the series in which I’ll show you how to configure your wordpress, make your blog Search Engine Friendly (SEO), install the essential plugins, and we’ll talk about what the best wordpress themes are for making money with.