Housing Assistance for Single Mothers

There is housing assistance for single mothers available from the government and from other sources. Now first off WHAT TYPE of housing assistance are you looking for.

Are you looking for Mortgage Assistance so you can make your payments?  Are you looking for Rent Assistance to help pay your rent? Are have you lost your house (or in danger of losing your house) and you need some emergency shelter quickly while you figure your stuff out?

There ARE, depending on how hard you look, all of this type of assistance out there, BUT, it may not be easy to find. We’ll give you the information on how to go about finding it, but we can’t make any guarantees. Be prepared to pick up the phone start calling around. In some cases, you may even need to actually visit a location to see what help is available.


There’s a lot of needy people out there ALL looking for help. So don’t think you can just sit around surfing the web and with the click of your mouse, have assistance delivered to your door step. Any information given here is going to also involve YOU actually getting out there to verify that. You may even need to actually ASK people in person. So be prepared.

This article focuses on housing assistance and is applicable to single mothers (who often fall at the lower end of the income scale) BUT the information here applies just as well to any individual / household looking for housing assistance, such as senior citizens, disabled persons, low income households, single dads, etc. In fact, every single one of these programs is general in nature and does NOT SPECIFICALLY TARGET WOMEN or SINGLE MOMS.

Updated with latest information as of October 2015…


 Mortgage Assistance

If you are a homeowner and find it difficult making payments or cannot make payments (and face the threat of foreclosure), please read our highly detailed Mortgage Assistance Guide: Help Me Pay My Mortgage

Since that article exhaustively covers this topic, we won’t go into details on this page. Suffice to say there are a number of federal, state, local and no-profit organizations that do offer assistance with your mortgage, should you find it difficult to make payments or are unable to make payments.

The solutions offered range from refining loan with new lender, loan modification, cash grants to temporary pay your mortgage, loan mediation, principal reduction and free housing council.

Please see our Mortgage Assistance article about help with paying making your mortgage payments.

Rental Assistance

Look at our full Rent Assistance Guide  for complete details on finding assistance making rent payments. There are federal, state, and local level aid programs you can seek out IF YOU CANNOT PAY YOUR RENT.

Please look at our Rental Assistance 101 Guide for more specifics about rent help programs.

Rent Assistance from the State

Some states do offer rent assistance programs. These programs will help with some housing expenses, security deposits, and even with some of your rent. Go to our State Assistance page to see an overview of some of the Rent Assistance offered. Also contact your Community Action Agency, which is a government-backed agency and should have information about any rent assistance programs in your area.

Rent Assistance from Federal Government

There are some programs offered by the federal government that do offer rent assistance.

 Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) 

For more details, read our detailed article about how to apply and get accepted into the Housing Choice Voucher Section 8 Program.

Part of the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) rental assistance programThis is a federal program and the largest assistance source for housing in the country. This program is aimed at low income households and provides a variety of services including rent assistance in the form of vouchers for specific private, low income housing. Some funds may also be given as partial rent payment, depending on a household’s income.

The way it works is The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) gives funds to public housing agencies (PHAs) who administer a voucher program offering housing choice vouchers. Notably, single mothers are able to choose a single-family home, a townhouse, or an apartment, as long as the unit meets the program’s requirements, so that they are not limited to living in subsidized housing projects.

The housing choice vouchers provide rent assistance. The single mother sources a dwelling place that is healthy and safe, according to the PHA’s standards, where the owner is willing to participate in the program. The PHA directly pays the landlord the subsidized portion of the rent, and the single mom pays the difference. The program is open to both US citizens and eligible non-citizens. Further information on:

  • how to apply,
  • the amount of the rent subsidy,
  • relocation options,
  • the roles of the parties involved in the program, and
  • other pertinent matters, is available at

To apply go to http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/program_offices/public_indian_housing/programs/hcv/about/fact_sheet

Also read our article.

Note that there are a number of different rental assistance programs offered by HUD:

  1. Section 8 Housing Vouchers (discussed above)
  2. Section 202 Housing Vouchers for Senior Citizens
  3. Section 811 Housing Vouchers for Disabled
USDA Rural Development

Another federal program that offers rental assistance to families that live in RURAL areas. The assistance can take the form of vouchers or directly. The way it usually works is a grant is given out which pays the difference between what the tenant can afford to pay out of their income and the cost of the rent. Applicants typically have to be very low income to no income to get accepted into the program.

To apply for this you’ll either need to directly contact the USDA Rural Development office in your area.

Transitional Housing Assistance Program

There’s assistance in the form of grant money made available to women (and families — not just women) via the Transitional Housing Assistance Program. Basically, this targets families / women of face homelessness OR who suffer from domestic abuse and need to move to a new housing situation. The fund is setup to provide assistance on all levels for the affected women such as housing, daycare services, counseling, support groups, and even employment. The grant money can be used to pay rent, utilities, and other associated costs. See more details about this program here: http://www.mass.gov/hed/housing/ph-manage/mlhath.html

Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program (Rental Assistance for Veterans )

There are special assistance programs from the government that target veterans. The specific program is called the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program. It offers much of what the HUD or USDA Rural Development programs do, but specifically for veterans. This means that the competition for these programs is much less and you are far more likely to qualify for the help because of it.

Nonprofit and Charities Rental Assistance

Besides the various government rental assistance programs listed above, there are a number of assistance programs offered by charities, religious organizations, private organizations, and nonprofits.

Here’s a breakdown:

Religious Organizations (Churches): Look at your area’s churches for rental assistance. These are usually funded by community donations. It’s possible to find emergency shelter, help with basic utilities, free food, etc. The level of assistance varies depending, so you’ll have to look around your local area and make calls.

Nonprofit Short term and transitional housing programs: these are basically programs set up by nonprofits or government affiliated agencies that help evicted or homeless households relocate to temporary shelter or find low income housing. Besides helping with shelters and housing, these programs also focus on education and information to create self sufficiency.

Charities: nonprofit organizations that can provide services such as emergency shelter, social services, free food, and council.

General Charities:

  • Catholic Charities
  • Salvation Army
  • Legal Aid Society
  • United Way
  • Community Action Agencies
Charities That Offer Housing / Rental Assistance Specifically for Single Mothers / Women:
  • College Courts Apartments:If the single mother has two or three children and is attending school herself, another housing solution could be the College Courts Apartments available through Murray State University’s Housing Office, as long as she can afford the rental amount. The Courts’ two-bedroom facilities are fully furnished and reasonably priced, and would be ideal if travel issues would also be addressed. Information on how to acquire one of those apartments is available at http://www.murraystate.edu/secsv/hous/colcts.htm.
  • YWCA: The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) is another organization which provides rental housing assistance for single mothers. This shelter can be temporary or permanent, and is available to single mothers, but especially to those mothers leaving abusive situations. Information on how to access this assistance can be obtained at http://www.ywca.org/siteapps/custom/ywca/local.aspx?c=djISI6PIKpG&b=281414.
  • Mercy Housing: Another non-profit organization called Mercy Housing, also offers affordable apartments for rent. They have offices in several states in the USA, from which information can be obtained. For example, the Chicago office in Illinois can be reached at https://www.mercyhousing.org/Document.Doc?id=27.
  • Atlantic City Housing Authority Rental Assistance Program: A tenant-based assistance program, the Section 8 Housing Assistance Program, is offered by the federal government and is managed by the Atlantic City Housing Authority Rental Assistance Program. Eligibility into the program is determined by the household’s income, which must be at or below a specific amount, and media announcements are made inviting applications at certain times. More information can be obtained at http://www.rentassistance.us/li/atlantic-city-housing-authority-rental-assistance-program.
  • The Salvation Army: the most comprehensive charity in the country, one that offers many services to women and single mothers such as food stuff, rental assistance, temporary shelters, counselling, job help, etc.
  • Catholic Charities:a charity the focuses on helping one get a new start in life. Rent and housing assistance is offered to single moms (and children). The idea is to help mothers become self sustaining and education and structure is provided along that idea
  •  CoAbode: a free service that specifically targets single moms, offered by a nonprofit organization. CoAbode provides rental assistance to moms by splitting all housing costs (rent and utilities) between other single parents, all of who are screened. The end result is you end up living with other single parents in the same situation as yourself and you split costs meaning it’s cheaper to live.
  • The Nurturing Network: this is a charity that specializing in helping women who are in crisis (specifically through unplanned pregnancy). Aid is via rental and housing assistance.
  • Bridge of Hope: a non profit that helps at-risk single mothers who face homelessness with permanent housing, counselling, and job mentoring’
Please look at our Rental Assistance 101 Guide for more specifics about rent help programs.

Eviction / Foreclosure Assistance

If you are facing an eviction from your home, there are government and nonprofit assistance programs that will help you, either move to a new place (temporary shelter intern), help you fight the eviction, fight foreclosure for you, provide legal council and case management, or just information about what to do. These programs are not permanent solutions, but rather temporary stopgaps that help you get back on your feet. They all target low income individuals.

The government program is Eviction Prevention Program (EPP). The program is administered by various organizations. To apply, you should contact your local Community  Action Agency.

Do read our How To Prevent Foreclosure Article

Buying a Home Assistance

If you are buying or building or reneventing a home, there may be some assistance options that can give you a bit of a boost. For many of you here, you won’t fall under this category, but it’s worth including for sake of completeness.

HUD Vouchers

There is also the possibility that the single mother could use her housing choice voucher acquired from the Housing and Urban Development to purchase a modest home, with the public housing agency’s permission. In addition, there are homeownership vouchers issued by certain PHAs under the Homeownership Voucher Program, also for single mothers who would like to purchase their first home, but needs assistance with the monthly mortgage and other related expenses. A list of the PHAs who participate in this program is available from local PHA offices.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) 

This includes a number of services, but one of the services is that you can apply for a grant that will help pay for weatherization of your home to make it more energy efficient. This is basically free money that will save you money on the installation / modification on your home and save you money on your energy bill over the long run. You can apply for this program at your local Community Action Agency

Home Purchase Assistance Program (HPAP)

This program is suitable for single mothers who wish to purchase a house in Washington DC, and they can receive up to $44,000 worth of financial assistance for this purpose. The funds can be used for a down payment or closing costs, or both, and has a low-interest five-year deferred loan feature. District of Columbia residents are given application acceptance preference over non-residents, but non-residents are not barred from applying for assistance. To qualify for this housing solution, the single mother:

  • has to head the household as a first-time purchaser,
  • must be a low or middle income resident,
  • must be going to live in the house that must be located in the District, and
  • must have a good credit rating.

Further information on eligibility and procedure for applying can be obtained at http://www.gwul.org/programs/housing/hpap.

American Dream Downpayment Initiative (ADDI)
The ADDI provides funds to all US states, and targets low-income and minority households, which means that single mothers are included. An amount of $10,000 or six percent of the house’s purchase price, depending on which is greater, is provided for:

  • downpayment,
  • closing costs, and
  • rehabilitation assistance.

Rehabilitation includes reducing lead paint hazards and remedying other home health hazards, and this must be completed within one year of the purchase. Eligibility for funding involves not having ownership of a home during the 3-year period preceding the funding request, thereby rendering the single mother a first-time purchaser, and she must be purchasing the home for a single family. Other relevant information can be obtained from the program’s website, at

Building a Home Assistance

If you are looking at building a new house but need some assistance with this there are some programs to look at, location depending. Keep in mind there may be some GRANTS available for you to remodel/renovate your home to be more energy efficient. The government rewards this with grant money to help offset the costs.

Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical Christian, non-profit housing organization which, along with the prospective owners, builds them decent, simple, and affordable houses. These are quite suitable for single mothers, who are required to help to provide volunteer labor, while other individuals and corporations donate cash and materials for building. The houses are sold to the families at 0% interest with no profit earned, just low mortgage payments that are used to build other houses. This housing solution is available in all 50 US states and in many countries around the world.

Habitat for Humanity – New York
This organization builds quality homes that low-income single mothers living in New York City can afford. The program offered by Habitat for Humanity – New York, uses professionals and volunteers to supply healthy, well-built, green, homes that are energy efficient, where the owners:

  • pay a 2% mortgage,
  • contribute a 1% cash down payment, and
  • receive property-tax abatements.

Qualifications for this kind of housing aid include:

  • earning 50%-80% of the city’s median income,
  • possession of a good credit score,
  • being a first time homeowner, and
  • the single mother must be willing to participate in the building of her own home.

A visit to http://www.habitatnyc.org/pdf/housing/homeowner_brochure.pdf will provide precise information on this solution.

Habitat for Humanity – Detroit
The program in this state offers a non-discriminatory housing solution to low-income families. There is a Family Services Department which offers financial literacy training, and counseling services, among others, to families who have difficulty making mortgage payments. To qualify for this housing assistance, single mothers need to:

  • complete 250-400 sweat equity hours, which are scheduled by the Department, and which earns an interest-free mortgage,
  • work on the construction of their own and other families’ homes,
  • volunteer in Habitat’s ReStore to help in the selling of construction materials, appliances, and other supplies, as well as
  • participate in classroom-based financial literacy training regarding timely payments, etc.

Visiting http://www.habitatdetroit.org/home_ownership/ownership_overview/  is a pre-requisite for applying for assistance.

Final Word for Moms in Need of Housing Assistance

Single mothers, partly because of their status, have a tendency to need various kinds of assistance. Housing assistance for single mothers is just one type of help needed, for various reasons, including inadequate educational qualifications and hence inadequate income. Fortunately, there are various solutions available which enable single mothers to rent, purchase, and even build new units, and these are available through funding from the federal government, as well as private organizations. You might also want to check out our financial assistance for single mothers article as well and also our  Housing Assistance Resource page which has links to some housing assistance programs — there may be some related information you find useful.

  • Tonya’s Treasure Chest

    I desperately need help.
    I’m a single mother of 2 at home who is being evicted because my kids
    are too loud. But my kids aren’t any
    louder than any other kids. I need a
    place where my kids can be kids. This
    building is just old and has thin walls.
    I desperately need somewhere to go with my kids. I’m working but don’t have that much
    money. I just need to make it to tax
    return so we can get another place. I
    need somewhere to stay til then. I’m
    off Jewel Lake. I have to be out by
    Christmas Eve maybe sooner if neighbor under me keeps complaining. I just need a room and somewhere to store my
    stuff til I can get another place. And
    someone to help me move. I don’t have a
    truck just a small car. My name is Tonya
    please help. My number is 907-444-7806. I Live In Anchorage Alaska

  • btkong

    There are emergency shelters that will help you in your area.

    1. Find your local Salvation army center and inquire

    2. Contact your local Community Action Agency — they will have details on emergency and transient housing programs

    3. It’s worth contacting religious organizations and asking if they offer women’s shelters or emergency shelters — some of them do, but you will have to contact them about it.

    4. Check out our RENT Assistance page which gives a great deal of information about rental assistance programs which can help pay your rent for a short period (http://www.singlemoms.org/rent-assistance-guide)

    5. Check out our CHARITY assistance programs page (http://www.singlemoms.org/rent-assistance-guide/)

    We will be trying to create some sort of local bulletin board + donation center in the future for people to ask others for direct assistance to field requests like this.

    • ANGEL L

      Im single mom of 3 w no hlp from dad. I bought home n 2012 from habitat for humanity. I love program bt evry yr mortage goes up its wnt from $250/475 plus bills. I work 2 jobs plus go school and Im struggling to pay everything pls help.
      Sincerly Angel
      [email protected]

  • rose

    Hi im a single mom two kids barely getting by in Nj i have an offer to move to Florida near my family that will help me i have a job opening if i can get there by april just i cant im barely getting by here im in major trouble in about to have a nervous break down or i stay in nj and struggle or come up with $2500 for moving expensises is there any help for me or just give up and continue here struggling ?

    • Hopewell Nick

      Hi Rose, looks like your lucky day. still need that help ? get back to me with your email or number

  • L.G.

    Hi. I am currently married and have 3 children. 1 is 24 yrs old and lives out of state, while the other 2 are only 4 and 5 yrs of age and live with me. I was in the process of working with an attorney to file for divorce when I found out baby #4 is on the way. I am 24 weeks into my pregnancy and want to get out of a terrible situatio before this baby is born. My 4 yr old son has high functioning autism, a slight speech disorder and life threatening food allergies. My 5 yr old daughter has experienced seizures and am now trying to raise money to get her into a specialist to have her diagnosed with Pandas/Pans (Pediatric autoimmune neurological Disorder). On top of it all, the children and I all have Lyme Disease, which has caused severe health problems.

    All of the above to say, I have given up a career in property management 5 years ago where I made great money. I am going back to school online in August to complete my degree, but the financial aid will not be enough to help us with a rent or mortgage payment. My husband is an alcoholic and also is in need of an Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis. I’ve spoken with several experts and they are sure this is what he is suffering from. He has been the sole support for us, however his drinking has become extreme and he refuses to get help. Because of the special needs of my children and baby 4 on the way, it places me in a terrible situation of not being able to work and leave my children with anyone. I also home school them, due to all of the many dietary restrictions and extreme behavioral issues, and therapies involved weekly. My plate is full. We need a fresh start and a new environment that is emotionally healthy for all of us. So sorry this is long. If there is any info you may have regarding assistance here in Alabama for someone like me, your response will be beyond welcomed.

    • btkong

      Hi, I’m sorry to hear about your situation. It’s extreme to say the least. Check out our assistance page for alabama for some of the programs that my be availabel there: http://www.singlemoms.org/financial-assistance-in-alabama/


      Contact your local Community Action Agency (CAA) — these are the go to sources for information about local help — both state, federal

      We have some specific guides to Rent, Utility, Housing, and charity assistance pages (check the right sidebar) — you may find some of these programs listed apply to you.

      As for housing assistance, perhaps you may qualify for HUD Section 8, especially if you have a couple dependents with health issues.

      Going back to school is always a good idea, though of course the costs can be substantial. There are often grants given out by the school you are apply to based on your financial need that can help pay down some of the costs. You apply for scholarships as well (we are compiling a list of legit scholarships for moms for an article next week).

      Also consider looking, if you have time, at doing article freelancing, which can bring in some extra money. We wrote a comprehensive article/s on this. It’s work on your part, but you can if you hustle and have extra time, bring in something while working at home.



      Another option is to look at our guide to making passive income through websites. I’ve been writing some very comprehensive guides to this and will be for the next couple of months. Maybe it’s not something you want to do or that interest you, but give it a read and see wht you think




    • Hopewell Nick

      Hi, Still need the help? what’s you email/number?

  • T.R

    I am a 26 year old single mother of three ages 10,3,and 1 I have been on section 8 since nov. of 2014 I know you are required to notify the office if there are any changes in your income so when I got a temporary job at UPS I notified my local office which in return sent a letter to my realtor stating that I would have to pay the full amount of rent which is 775 as of 5/1/2015. When I went to my realtors office which is century 21 I paid what I normally pay a month with my voucher I had no knowledge of the change to my rent and I was not notified when I made my payment at the office that I was expected to pay the full amount. 4 days later I received a call from my realtor saying I was behind on my payments I knew that that had to be impossible because I had all my receipts I always paid on time. When I called the agent to find out what the issue was she let me know that they received a letter saying that I need to pay the whole amount and that I was past due 784$ that needed to be paid. I explained to her there must be a mistake I contacted my local section 8 office who told me that because I was working at UPS making 14 dollars an hour for 20 hours a week I did not qualify for the full benefit of the program any more. This to me is shocking that they feel a family of 4 can survive off of 500 dollars every two weeks. I have since than started a new job due to the fact that the UPS job was only temporary in which case my rent will be back to my original voucher amount. But since my realtor already took action against me I am now responsible to pay the full amount. I don’t know what to do society is making me feel so hopeless no matter what I do. They tell you to get a job and they will help you than you get a job than all of a sudden you make too much. I went down to my local social services office who was also unable to assist me with anything stating it is section 8s problem. I need some advice or at least just to know Im not the only one going threw this battle alone.

    • Hopewell Nick

      Still need that help? get back to me with your email or number

  • amel misbah

    Free furnitutre at 1670 Tampico Pl
    in Gordon Head area
    Beds, coaches, desks

  • Pat

    A cry for help. I am a single mother of 2 children. One is 4 and one is 10. My home burnt down and I am homeless now. I was living with a man who promised to help me, but the intentions were less than honest and it go so bad I had to flee with my children. I work at Jacks full time but now I am homeless and I was staying in a hotel for 4 weeks until all my my savings ran out. Now I am completely living out of my car and trying to find friends to stay with whenever I can. I have no family to live with. Friends can help with overnight stays. But that’s about it. I want to give out my government phone number here. Please text me if you have any solutions whatsoever for me. I am in the most desperate times of my entire life right now. I need advice on what to do and I need it fast. I am employed but have no where to go. My cell number is 2563903773. I cannot receive calls on it just yet, but I can receive unlimited texts. If anyone can help me, I welcome any and all replies to the number I just gave. I do not have access to a computer or cell phone that gets me online. So please do not respond to this post thinking I will get it, cause I do not know when the next time I’ll be online again. Please help if you can. Thank you so much for your time. By the way, I am in Alabama and I will give you my name and more info about me if you text me. Thank you.

    a mother in need of a miracle

    • Hopewell Nick

      I could give a hand. what’s your current cell number?

  • Vennessa

    I’m a single mother that was living in section 8 housing for three years with my 2 boys 3 and 2 years old. I went through a violent relationship. I had to move. Very hard when they were raised there whole life there. Before I had to leave my home i called my family that lives in Utah to come get my babies so i knew they would be taken care of. This is the lowest point in my life. I’ve never had to ask for help. I’m in indiana trying to get back to my kids. My family will not help me with a place to stay. I’m trying to get a job lined up for when I get out there. Barely getting by. I just need some help on getting into a place so I can bring my kids home to me. I pray everyday things will come together. I’m a strong woman that just wants to pull my life back together for my family. Any help would be greatly appreciated or suggestions.

    • Hopewell Nick

      get back to me with your email/ number. i could help

  • btkong

    Hi Folks, I’m going to put together a forum here so you guys can post your requests for aid. It’s very difficult because everyone is in desperate need of help while there are less people who are able to offer that direct help. I’ll see what I can set up for you guys though

  • Helpless in Boston

    We need to get out of this family shelter!!!I am a single mom of a three year old autistic child. I am currently in a family shelter with eight other families. I am currently collecting welfare while I complete the YMCA Inc, training program. Which will help me land a job for an insurance company. Everyday is difficult, not only am I in recovery since 2012 , when I found out I was pregnant….but we had to leave his dad because he was violent. I have a restraining order currently but my son Liam is not doing well. I was able to get him from early intervention to the Boston Public School system so he was only without services for about a month. Early Intervention stops when the child turns three. But he is able to got to K) during the day but home is crazy. There is alot of children who have behavioral problems. My son never gets a break and with him being a non-verbal he cant tell me when the violent kids hurt him. So even though he wants to play I have to keep him in the room unless I am right next to him. I mean he has gotten bit, hit , kicked, his toys taken from him every time he leaves the room. It breaks my heart, not only is he without a dad, but he has no place where he can just unwind. I have written the mayor of Boston, in turn got a letter back with phone number to a woman. I called her and not only was she rude but she asked me where I have applied to and I told her all the low income apartment buildings and she said “you wont be able to afford any of those. Then she told me that I did not have a chance of getting a section 8 voucher, even with being on the waiting list for almost two years. The only thing she did was tear down any hopes I had of getting an apartment. My son’s autism will have no effect on my housing. We need our own place. My son would do better in a hotel room at this point. He is out of control right now because he is constantly in places with large numbers of kids and adults. IF THE MAYOR CAN’T HELP ME AND ALL MY APPLICATIONS ARE USELESS WHAT AM I DOING???? All the research in the world isn’t helping. I am at the end of the line and my poor son is paying the price.

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    hi I’m a single mother of 6 I bought my home 3 years ago and I’ve been having one problem after another I was trying to find a grant that can help with some home repairs mainly renovating my kitchen it old leaky faucets and pipes I live in Michigan if there is anyone with info please let me know [email protected]

  • Iris Cantu

    I need help I’m a single mother and just got a section 8 voucher. I can’t move into the new place because I need help paying deposit & first months rent …where can I get help here in San Antonio Texas

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  • Maggie Reynolds

    Ok im new to a forum of any kind so i hope i do this correctly please be patient with me….im a single mother of a 16 yr old autistic son. i have been trying for two months to get government assistance for housing, we are currently staying with a friend and our time is up tomarrow. The government wont help me except with food stamps and insurance. Low rent/ income based housing isnt low. all we have currently is my sons check due to i am physically unable to work and am fighting for my ssi. i am at my wits end!!! one state even told us to live in our van…and rooms for rent that i have found are over budget…please if anybody has any ideas please let me know…im getting desperate… you can reach me at [email protected]

    • Hopewell Nick

      Hi Maggie do you still need a hand?