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30th May 2013 | Grants
FSEOG Grant Introduction The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is a needs based grant for undergraduate students. This grant does not have to be repaid. Students must be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant in order to be considered for the FSEOG grant. Eligible students need to demonstrate extreme financial need and have among
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16th July 2012 | Grants
The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant (TEACH) is a merit based grant offered by the Department of Education. It is not dependent on financial need. The TEACH Grant is offered to students seeking a bachelor or graduate degree and are committed to serving as a full time teacher for 4 years.
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federal pell grant
20th June 2012 | Education, Grants
The Federal Pell Grant is a need based grant offered to undergraduate students who do not possess a bachelors or professional degree. Sometimes a student, even though he possess a bachelors degree, can be eligible for the Pell Grant if he is enrolled in a teacher certificate program. The Federal Pell Grant will only fund
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