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It’s possible to win free stuff online. These can be free restaurant coupons, product giveaways, free household stuff, and even free electronic products. The process is usually pretty simple — put in your address information and click submit. Other contests will have you fill out a 5 minute survey to enter into the giveaway contest. Are these programs some sort of scam? No. What happens is that companies offer such contests to promote their services or products with these sort of contests. Others are companies who want you to sign up for some service or product and offer a free gift / chance of winning free stuff to encourage you to do so.

May, 2015 will be announcing our own monthly scholarship giveaway soon. Stay tuned for more info.

  • Gina Harris

    I would like free stuff. I am a single mom. My name is Gina Harris 23b Pharo St Neptune, NJ 07753

    • admin

      Hi, Gina, we are putting together stuff on this page — links to places to get free things, a monthly cash giveaway, etc. Stay tuned!

  • Drew ventrella name is Drew….I live in Ballston Spa..near Saratoga in upstate ny..I’m 27..I have 3 girls ages 7..6..and 3..I am a single mother on disability. I bring home 773.00$ a month. The lot rent on our home is 498 per month..I do receive Heap and food stamps..I pay all my bills every month with the disability. .. car and homeowners insurance..lot rent and electric takes it all..I have a 3 bedroom double wide that is in desperate need of repairs. toilet is broken and The other bathroom has no power and all the fixtures need replacing as well as the kitchen sink and pipes. My roof leaks as well and the kitchen and bathroom ceilings need fixing..i can pay my bills and with assistance keep my house warm in the winter and feed the kids..we just want to try and get our home fixed before it is totally ruined..Thank you for reading this..Drew

  • Dena

    Hi im Dena in California 34 years old and a struggling single mom to 5 kids. Someone please help me .im going through a bitter divorce and custody fight and im scared.Nov 11, 2013 .I was asked to leave my home after a disagreement between me and my ex. My mother picked me up because the week prior my transmission to my saburban went out . And a month prior to that i lost my job. So all this happened 3 days after he found out he was getting a settlement for his back. He didnt want me to touch it i guess. Anyway i fell into a deep depression. Sitting at my moms no bed no job no money no kids no car and he refused to bring em to me. A year and a half later im still struggling. Ive recieved not one penny from him. I am cash aided and also got a job .However due to him being served with child support order he is refusing to pick my children up from school so ive had to cutt my hours at work. I have 4 kids in 4 different schools and i live 30 mins away.Im renting a bedroom from my mother. I have a car that doesnt even fit us all in. But i do what i have to do. I dont have extra money for savings. I dont have spending money. I really need financial help or a way to raise money. I made a paypal to [email protected] for any donations. Even one dollar would help. I am a good mother .Please help . I DONT WANT TO LOOSE MY KIDS. Ive slowly bought clothing for my kids but its not enough. And when i move i will be in desperate need of beds dressers furniture etc….i have court soon. And im really scared. Please someone help me.