Free Legal Assistance in Texas

Lone Star Legal Aid has a long history of helping low-income families in Texas, and they have offices in most east Texas counties. You can apply for free legal help over the phone, or you can set up an appointment to talk to someone in person. To find out if there is someone in your area, check the office listing page here.

You can also get information at the free legal advice clinics sponsored by Volunteer Legal Services of Central Texas. These clinics are held every Monday and Wednesday nights at locations in Austin and you’ll be able to get free advice from an attorney, and apply for free legal services. To get information about upcoming clinics, check the group’s website here.

Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas helps many people with family law issues like divorce and custody. Their service area covers the Texas Panhandle south to Odessa, San Angelo, and Dallas/Fort Worth. Find addresses and telephone numbers for all of their offices here.

Finally, if you live in the southwest area of the state, you can contact the Texas RioGrande Legal Aid organization for help with immigration, divorce, and other civil cases. They have offices in San Antonio, Austin, and Corpus Christi, as well as satellite offices along the Mexican border. Look for the office closest to you on the website’s map here.

  • Stephanie

    I am in need of some help fighting for my son.

  • Dawn Landry

    I need help, my fiance and myself have been fighting my mother for almost 4 years (this December) for custody of my daughter. It all started in (my mother lives in Katy) when my mother and I got into an argument which in turn resulted in my mother telling me if we were going to continue arguing and fighting then I needed to find another place to live. At the end of our argument I told my mother that I was going to be leaving the next day, the next day came and fiance was the one to pick up my daughter and myself. When he got there I was trying to get all of our things together and my mother had picked up my daughter and attempted to keep her from me. I was able to get her from my mother, while exiting the house my mother was calling the police claiming I was kidnapping my own daughter. I was only able to leave with my purse and the clothes on our backs, we came back to our home in Louisiana and about two weeks before Christmas I was served papers that I was being sued for custody of my daughter by my mother. The following day I was served yet again with more papers but this time they took my daughter from me and brought her to my mother. We went to court two days before Christmas and nothing was done but myself and my fiance being interrogated on the stand and my mothers attorney focused on the lies my mother told about me instead of finding ou twhether any of it was true or not. So long story short we’ve been struggling constantly with my mother refusing to answer the phones (which I have recording of her saying so), we have received maybe 5 pictures in the last four years, visitation gas been limited to my mother refusing to visit us and making it where we have to drive all the way to Houston and spend a week just to get on day with my daughter. My attorney has been constanstly changing what he says, saying we need to pay this amount then he changes it to more then a little later its less, last time we went to court it was ordered that my mother pay for all of mediation and yet we still have yet to do that. Now as of today (5/23/17) my attorney is hounding me yet again on whether have the money, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, everytime we get the money for it either my mother and her attorney drag their feet or my attorney does and then when they’re ready we don’t have the money due to either car problems, paying to fix flood damages or etc. We’re at a complete loss, trying to prove ourselves as fit parents which I have had to do before, but still the thought and point that we’re fighting a losing battle keeps poking at me. Part of me wants to respectively let go but I don’t want to step back without making sure I can even have any contact with my daughter. My mother is protraying herself like this Saint who has rescued her granddaughter from a dangerous situation when my daughter was fine to begin with. How am I supposed to prove myself to the court that I am a fit parent if my mother is going to continue spreading lies about me and my parenting capabilities which further prevents my ability to show I am more than capable and qualified to raise my daughter. I need help, whether it’s legal or someone who has or is going through the same thing, I really truly feel like I’m the only one going through this who is truly innnocent of what I’m being accused of.