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If you have a specific question you want to ask an attorney, you can call one of the many lawyers in North Carolina who volunteer to provide a quick 10-15 minute consultation for free. Go to the website NC Free Legal Help and choose one of the “areas of interest” categories to locate a lawyer who specializes in dealing with problems like yours. If you have a question about divorce, custody, or other family law issues, you can find a list of participating lawyers here.

Legal Aid of North Carolina has offices across the state, and they can help you with children’s services issues, domestic violence, housing matters, health insurance, and foreclosures. You can apply on line for an appointment, or call one of their toll-free hotlines.

  • Kathy

    Are there any grants out there to help single Mother’s pay for a lawyer for sole child custody? In this case the father had custody and is now sitting in jail with a $170,000 bond. The lawyer said he don’t think he’ll be out soon.

  • Jennifer Mora

    I am a single parent I have a 12 year old, the father has helped with less than a 1,000 dollars in the past 12 years. He hides from the law and from my daughter and I. After 6 years I have finally found him again to tell him that I want him to give up his rights. He agreed at that moment and now is ignoring me. He does not offer health insurance and does not pay child support. He doesn’t want to see her and is neglecting her. He moves from town to town to avoid Social Services. He is making my life very complicated. I am engaged and will be marrying a marine in less than 8 months. He wants to adopt her. What rights does the father have if he is neglecting and disowning his own blood??