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  • Jacqueline Frey

    I got married to an individual who lied about his legal Status here in the U.S. I did not become aware of this until after we had a child together . we were only together for 2 years and went out separate ways. he has been no part of my son . recently he was threatened with a deportation because of his DUI and the fact that he is here illegally.. he has got a lawyer that told him him if has any citizen children and can show that he ids an acting parent to this child then will not be deported. he has requested for a divorce which he can have but he has also requested joint custody of my son. this is not acceptable. he is only doing this to stay here in this country, he has nothing to do with this wonderful boy since we separated. no calls no birthdays, no holidays, when my son was in the hospital and was ill i even called him and nothing from him . this man is only doing this for his own selfish benefit. i am a single mom working 2 jobs to make ends meet .. he lives in house with numerous people splitting the cost of living this is how he can afford a lawyer and I can not . im seeking sole legal custody of my son , this man has no rights to decide whats right for my son . he has no meaningful relationship with him of any kind. is there any help out there for me to protect my boy from this