Free Legal Assistance in California

Outside of the larger cities, it’s often hard to find free legal help. The State of California supports single parents who live in smaller towns with free legal advice through the California Rural Legal Assistance group. They offer help for English-speaking and Spanish-speaking families, and this is a good resource for immigrant and migrant workers. Check the CRLA website ( to find the office location in your area.

If you live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Fresno, or Sacramento, you can go to one of these free legal aid centers, which all offer services in multiple languages:

  • Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (
  • Justice & Diversity Center of The Bar Association of San Francisco (
  • Legal Aid Society of San Diego (
  • Santa Clara County Self-Help Center (
  • Central California Legal Services (
  • Legal Services of Northern California (
  • Christina Hale


    I am a single mom with two girls, ages 10 & 2 1/2, my oldest daughters dad has chosen to never be involved and my youngest daughters dad is involved. My babys dad recently called cps on me after I confided in him that i had been feeling overwhelmed during a weekend I had our daughter and my family watched the girls for a couple days while i regrouped. I have depression so he used that moment of weakness i shared with him as a window of opportunity to take our baby from me. He freaked out stating that our daughter was unsafe in my care due to the depression and that I was unable to care for her since I reached out to family for help. He then kept her from me for 2 weeks, called cps and requested an emergency court hearing claiming he feared for her life and had to have 100 % custody. Everything has gone down hill from there…Since there was an active cps case the day we went to court there was nothing I could do to get my baby back. Keep in mind Ive had her the majority of the time since the split over 2 years ago. CPS has now called my 10 year olds dad, per cps protocol when any case is opened, and now his wife is calling me trying to pick up my 10 year old knowing nothing about the current situation. Both dads have financial backing and partners who are helping them try to take my girls and get me out of the picture. I NEED an attorneys help but I have little income and no child support. PLEASE HELP!

  • nana09

    Any advice or help please asap…I have a dead beat baby daddy who has not been in my daughters life since she was born yet he says he misses her and talks really I’ll of me all over social media along with his friends and family. I’ve done nothing to him except take this baby and raise her in a better environment away from drugs and bad behavior. I’m afraid he will some how find us and try to tale her away from me. I’m paranoid but I know he will try some how even tho he’s not on the birth certificate since he never showed up to the hospital when she was born. How can I get assistance and make sure that he can never have rights?