Financial Assistance For Single Mothers In Alaska

Assistance Programs for Single Moms/Parents living in the state of Alaska

Under the new reform that was instituted during the Clinton Administration each state now sets the guidelines for public assistance programs. They determine what constitutes a need and this standard of need varies greatly from state to state. In the state of Alaska roughly 30% of all children under the age of

18 reside in single parent households. This is lower than the stated national average, but still a very high percentage. If you live in the state of Alaska you can apply for benefits through the Alaska Temporary Assistance Program. It will provide you with cash assistance and work services. The objective is to help families with children in their time of need, this means that you have to be actively working toward self-sufficiency.

Alaska like many other states has a set lifetime benefit limit. Traditionally this type of program was viewed as an entitlement and as such a person could remain in the program as long as they met the eligibility requirements. When the federal government gave the states the right to set the rules things changed drastically.

This is how temporary assistance works in Alaska, the state either requires or imposes the following:

  • Imposes a 60-month lifetime limit on assistance
  • Limits additional assistance for second parents, and reduces the benefits for two-parent families during July, August, and September when there are good opportunities for employment
  • Requires families to complete a Family Self-Sufficiency Plan, identifies self-sufficiency goals and works or participate in activities that will move them toward those goals
  • Requires cooperation with the Child Support Services Division in establishing paternity for the children, locating the absent parent, and is collecting any child support the absent parent is responsible for paying

Now that you are aware of what is to be required of you and you need assistance in Alaska follow the link below for even more information and fill out an online application.


Childcare Assistance Programs

Childcare Program Office is the top agency in the state; it is under the auspices of the Federal Childcare Development Fund. Under this banner is the child care assistance program, in Alaska is called “parents are achieving self-sufficiency” or the “PASS” program as it is locally referred to.

The program has three tiers; if you are eligible for the state financial assistance program then you will want to apply for the “Pass 1″ program:

You can also read more about the program here:

Housing/Rent Assistance Programs

When living in one of the coldest states in the union being homeless is not a viable option. Most of the major cities in Alaska offer some form of publicly assisted housing. The local office of Housing and Urban Development is where you would apply for this type of assistance. We have included a news story here about the state of the section 8 housing application process in Alaska. There are currently over 4000 names on the waiting list. This would mean at least a three year wait for those on the list and as of this month they have suspended the application process. No new applications are being taken at this time.


Below are links to other agencies that could also offer assistance as well as a link to HUD


Living in Alaska can be financially trying especially in the area of utilities. Often a single family may have the shelter but need help financing heat and lights for the family.  This is even harder for single moms in Alaska.  All of the information you will need to file for heating subsidies is provided for you. or download an application

Educational Assistance Programs

To apply for financial assistance in the state of Alaska, you will have to take the following steps

  1. Put an application in at the college or colleges of your choice
  2. Fill out the Federal financial aid application at
  3. Apply for any scholarships and grants being offered at the school
  4. Try to get into a work study program
  5. Apply for on-campus jobs
  6. Make sure you meet any requirements that you need to in order to receive your funds
  7. Maintain satisfactory GPA

Scholarships and grants have seen more than a few aspiring students through the higher education minefield. The cost of a college degree is higher than it has ever been in the history of the country. There is a lot of different avenues to pursue in Alaska when you are set on getting the education of your dreams. Below are links to a few scholarship funds follow them to find out the requirements and how to apply.


Healthcare Assistance Programs

Single moms looking for help with medical expenses in Alaska have only to click on the above link. The Alaskan Health and Human services website have links to anything you could possibly need to know.

For single moms the Denali Kidcare is for working and non-working single moms. Although you have to renew it every 12 months they make certain all children in Alaska have access to medical care. This link will take you directly to where you can download a PDF copy of the application.

Food Assistance Programs

The food stamp program in Alaska is set to provide for any household that has a financial need. The benefits are loaded onto a debit card and can be used at any location that accepts it. The benefits are determined by household size and income. Although there is no age limit to who can qualify, minors who apply must be living away from their parents. You can download a copy of the application and get more information at the following links:


In addition to the food stamps you can also apply for WIC program as a part of The Family Nutrition  below are just a few things that you get with approval for the WIC program.


Nutrition information specific to you:

  • Checks to buy free, healthy food
  • Tips for eating well to improve health
  • Referrals for medical and dental care, health insurance, childcare, housing, fuel assistance and other services that can help the entire family
  • Immunization screening and referrals
  • Breastfeeding support and breastfeeding supplies such as manual and electric breast pumps.

Nutrition information on a variety of topics including:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Meal planning
  • Label reading
  • Picky eaters
  • Caring for a new baby
  • Shopping on a budget


As a single mom of a 5-6 year old you may also qualify for the commodity program. If you are 6 months pregnant or in your first year postpartum you may also qualify for commodities.


Transportation Assistance Programs

The only transportation for single moms in Alaska revolves around the public transit system. The work fare program is a part of the aid to families with dependent children’s programs. Check with your case worker for more information. Below is a link for the transit system in Alaska.