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Read the following BEFORE you send us a message (or else!)


1) Don’t Send Us Emails Asking For Money / Financial Help

We are an informational site only.

Our goal is to provide as accurate advice for single moms as possible. These topics include parenting tips, education, lifestyle, health, and financial help.

We are not an organization able to or equipped to directly send money or solve your personal financial issues, no matter how bad and how severe it might be.

SO please do not ask us to send you money or provide you with financial help.

Every day we get desperate messages from moms in need and all manner of horror stories.

However, there are simply TOO many people to directly help and we do not have the funding, staff, or resources. We provide information, but at the end of the day, YOU will have to take the steps directly yourself to help yourself. We cannot do it for you.

Emailing us and asking us for emergency assistance won’t help. We can’t help, we don’t have the resources or means to. So please, don’t ask! We can provide you with information on what to do or where to go, but we can’t directly aid you.

2) Don’t contact us with the following requests:



*to share your post for a link

*to ask to buy text links on our site

*to ask us to add your site as a resource to get a link



*you have something interesting to share that’s relevant. If it’s a shoddy attempt to get links, your email will be ignored and email banned

*you are interested in legit advertising (NO text ads, no sponsored links or no sponsored posts are offered on our part)

*you have a suggestion for the site or a comment or a complaint

*you are an experienced writer related to parenting / single moms / babies / children and interested in writing for this site on an occasional basis. Even better if you are a single mom. English MUST be your first language. This is NOT a guest post for a link to your website deal. We HIRE talented single mom freelancers to write and pay per article. You can APPLY by sending in a letter containing the following:

-your experience as a writer

-your education

-examples of your previous work

-explain your personal situation (you are a mom / woman / single mom)

-a paragraph or two telling us why you are suited for the job of writing content for this site

Note, we prefer to hire SINGLE MOMS who are in need financially. But we need MOMS who can write too!

3) Send informational questions to our QUESTION section

If you have a financial question directly, please post it in our QUESTIONS & ANSWERS section and we will, as time permits, try to answer it to our best ability.

Don’t send us an email with a long section about your personal problem — we won’t answer it.

Create a public question and post it there, and we will try to answer it THERE.

If you send an email in, the effort will be wasted on your part, so don’t!

4) Our Website  is ONLY for North Americans

This website is specifically for American and to some degree, Canadians. We cannot provide information or assistance of any sort to people living outside of these countries.

5) Future Ideas to Better Provide Help…

We have some plans to try and take Paypal donations to build up a fund to provide SOME financial help where we can, when we can, for certain situations, but this has not been set up just yet. We may also try to create some online means to match people in need with people who can donate something to help their situation specifically, but again, this is STILL only in the works. We will let you guys know when this stuff has been set up.

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