I Will Show You How to Make Money Online Creating Websites

Posted on Apr 1 2015 - 4:52am by admin

make money online for moms

As the administrator of SingleMoms.org, I’ve thought long and hard about HOW to help the many single moms who frequent this site, looking for help. Most of our readers seem to be moms in desperate need of help — usually financial in nature.

The problem is that there is really not very much direct assistance out there for single moms living in the United States. If you live somewhere like Canada or Europe where there are some strong social programs, there IS a substantial amount of government assistance available. But in the United States, not so much. The help that’s available (like Food Stamps and Housing Vouchers) has long approval times and is, as far as I understand, bursting at the seams.

Understand that it’s not feasible to directly help the thousands of desperate moms who come to SingleMoms.org looking for financial help, free grants for cash, free cars and various other assistance programs.Some of these programs exist, given out by third party charity programs, but these are SMALL programs and your chances are, truth be told, quite small at actually getting help like this.

Handouts Won’t Change Your Life

Realistically, you are best off trying to help yourself rather than waiting around for some government handout or charity handout. Getting some money, if you manage to qualify, will simply pay some short term bills. It won’t transform your life.

To make a permanent change in your life, you and YOU ALONE are going to have to do something to change things.

‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.’

As a single mom, you have two options.


You can go back to school, get some training, then qualify for better jobs and work your way out of poverty and make a permanent difference in your life.

But most of you won’t do this. For the few that do and make it work (which by the way takes months or even years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice on the part of you and your family), awesome. But telling you ladies to go do this won’t make one bit of difference.


If you can’t go back to school to qualify for a better career, then you either have to get a job or get a better job.

I can’t directly help you go back to school (other than the advice offered on this site). But I can help you find a better job than you currently have by giving you the ability to make your own money. Online.

I can help you transform your life.

Interested? You should be. You see, it’s quite possible to build yourself a nice little supplemental income — even a full time income — by creating websites and making money from them. People have been doing this for years. I’ve been doing this for years.

But wait, I must be faking this right? It’s easy to make claims like this online.

I’m going to prove it to you.

Yes, that’s right, I’ll prove it’s possible by posting income reports and statements showing you can really make money online.

 I’m going to show you how.

I will show you moms HOW to make an income online, provide support, and lead you moms to financial freedom. I’m going to show you moms how it’s down, from start to finish, giving you real world examples and guides. Even more, I’m going to BUILD some brand new websites, share the names with you, and do some serious case studies every week so you can follow along and see exactly how it’s done.

I’m going to do it for free

Free? Yes, that’s right. For free.

My goal here is to each single moms and the financially needy HOW TO EMPOWER THEMSELVES AND MAKE MONEY ON THEIR OWN.

  • I won’t be pumping an ebook for sale here
  • I won’t be creating a membership site charging money
  • I won’t be selling you things.

So why would I do this?

First a disclosure: I am not a single mom. In fact, I’m not even a woman; I’m a man.


I’m the son of a single mom and the grandson of a single mom. I’ve witnessed myself the day-to-day struggles my own mom went through and my goal is to help make a real difference in the lives of other single moms who want to take control of their financial lives. In my mom’s case, she did not have access to this information years ago. But she made a change in her life. She went back to school, qualified for her real-estate license, and started a new career — all this while raising four kids by herself, living with her mother, and working/studying full time.

I owe it to my mom to try and help other moms make it happen.

I’m not going to promise you this is easy. If you are not willing to put in 3 to 10 hours a week working on the side with me, then this information is not for you. But IF You are willing to put in the work, I can promise you that you can make some money online blogging.

Who Can Do This?

Anyone and everyone can do this. The beauty about the internet is that it’s a global thing. Single moms from every country can do this with minimal cost as long as you can write in English and have access to a computer and internet.

All you need is:

  • Internet Connection
  • A working computer
  • The ability to write/speak English
  • Strong work ethic 
  • Ability to learn and try new things (and if you are willing to do this, you already prove that you can)

There are some small start up fees you’ll have to pay initially, but it’s chump change — a few dollars per yer.

You’ll need to pay for:

  • Website hosting (15-30 USD a year)
  • Domain Name (9 USD a year)

At the cost of a couple meals at McDonald’s, you can change your life.

Not bad huh?

Wait, you say. ‘I’m not a tech genius or I don’t know how to work with computers or I’m not a writer’

Well. Not a problem.

You don’t have to be a super smart tech genius to do this, nor do you have to be an amazing writer. I won’t lie to you and say you won’t have to get your hands a bit dirty on the tech side of things (I will show you how) and I won’t lie and say you don’t have to spend some real time creating great content (I will show you how to), but if you have the drive and the desire to change your life. You can and you will.

The Final Word

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as I create a section on this site showing you how to make money online by blogging / creating websites. I’ll tell you guys exactly how to do it, show you all the tools needed, and walk you through the process. I’ll even go as far as to create brand new websites as case studies and post stats for traffic and income reports.

I’m going to help walk you ladies through every step. If a handful of you ladies transform your life and build an income, then I consider my efforts a success.


I’d like to hear what you think of my idea. If you’re interested in following along, post something in the comments here. I’d like to see guesstimate the interest.

If you are ready to learn how to make a passive income online with websites, well, go to our first post about this here.

  • Ginnye

    Let me know if you need any help, I’ve been blogging for over 7 years as a ghost writer and I’m now into social media marketing/ web design. I can add a few tips if needed.

    • admin

      excellent. Feel free to leave any tips on the articles for the readers!

  • drdiscounts

    I am ready and willing to try this out.

  • btkong

    Awesome. Do follow along! I’ll be sharing some very useful stuff on this topic from start to finish

  • Heather Larson

    I have read all of the articles on this so far, and I have to say, I’m hooked! I have taken notes and started my research. I have a very broad keyword that can be broken down in to many, MANY more specific keywords. I have content that I have NEVER been able to find online, despite HOURS of looking. I am excited to get going on this and am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to you for posting this information. I believe it will save me from more problems than I can count. One question though: How often are you posting new articles? I can’t get enough! I plan to spend all of my free time working on this and want to do it right. Thank you so much for your articles. This is the lifeline I needed and have been searching for!!

    • btkong

      Hey, I’m delighted someone is actually reading these and trying them. It’s an LOT of work for me to break all this down in such detail and frankly, I thought to myself, most of the visitors wouldn’t bother actually trying anything I’m trying to teach. So it’s great to see ONE person is!

      I’ll try to post 1 (MAYBE 2) a week in this series. I have a number of websites I run and they sink most of my time as it’s my full time job. But I will probably have 10-15 really large articles about this — but enough to walk you through the start to the very end (creating a website, getting the content, then promoting it online to get links). Perhaps if there’s enough of you interested, I’ll add a forum with a second on this and answer questions there, provide (limited!) support.

      Stay tuned for another article tomorrow or the next day.

      • Heather Larson

        I would say there are probably a lot of people that are reading this and just not commenting. Honestly, I don’t comment on a lot of things that I find useful because I don’t want to have to sign in (or up). I have too many things to keep track of as it is. I do, however, think that this is a very important resource for those who are willing to do a little work.
        I wanted to encourage you. I hope you find it worth the effort to continue, even if I am the only one who posts about having read and implemented your information. I am a single mom who lives in a small town. Jobs are hard to come by unless you drive an hour each way. My car broke down on me, so that’s not even a option, even if I was ok with that extra time away from my son. I don’t live near my family. My son has PTSD and an anxiety disorder that makes it extremely hard to leave him with a sitter and public school is almost completely out of the question. His dad is very rarely around for him, and spotty on paying child support. I had almost lost hope that there was a way for me to be the mom that my son needs and still be able to financially take care of him.
        My point here is not to make anyone feel sorry for me. I simply want you to know what a huge difference you are making in our lives by sharing this information. You have renewed my hope! I can’t thank you enough!!

        • btkong

          good stuff. Well this stuff here is for you, feel free to ask me any questions in the comment sections if something is not clear. Chances are if you are confused there would be others that share that confusion.

          Thanks for the wonderful comments.


  • Sarah

    Quite excited to start this. I’m going to go ahead and read through everything posted on this before I get started, but I am extremely grateful that you have taken the time to break all of this down for us. I majored in journalism in college but, due to financial reasons, had to drop out one semester before my graduation. Now, as a single mother, I have turned to writing(mainly ghost writing) as my only source of income. Unfortunately, the sties I was using(Fivver, mainly) paid peanuts for the ridiculous amount of work I put in. I was writing 1000+ word articles, doing all the research, editing, phone calls and fact checking, and SEO optimization for only about 4 bucks a piece. I found out that most of the people that were hiring me were writers themselves who would pass off their assignments to me, I would write them, they’d pay me my paltry sum, and then they’d get paid five times what I was making on an article I wrote. Needless to say, I was a bit tiffed. So thank you for being kind enough to spend some of your valuable time teaching the rest of us such important information.

    • admin

      Hi, glad you find it useful. Give it a shot and let me know if you have any questions — I’ll be glad to help.