The 17+ Best Money-Saving Coupon Sites for Moms

Posted on Apr 28 2016 - 6:49am by admin

best coupon sites for moms

As a mother with children appreciate the value of coupons and use them as much as possible. You can find many great deals and coupons online without having to cut through the flyers you receive in the mail. This article will list the best coupon sites available on the internet.

Online Coupon Websites Moms Can Save (Lots) of Money With

There are many online websites that allow you to print coupons, saving you the time of sorting through flyers. Below are some of the best and most useful coupon sites that mothers will benefit the most from:

Mom Specific Coupon Sites

These are basically sites run by mom bloggers who scour the web for coupon deals and post these ever day. I post them here because they may be of interest if you are looking for products / services that relate to parenting, women, motherhood, and so on. Note that these sites are a bit messy and have a bit of an over-the-top salesy feel to them, which may drive away some people.

1. Money Saving Mom: This useful site for moms/parents that features hundreds of coupons updated regularly, with coupons available from many of the major retailers in the United States. Also this site features great deals and prices on many different products and even includes giveaways and freebies.

2. Coupon Mom: This is another great website just for moms that features a large database of coupons that will help you save on products you use regularly. Most coupons that are available in flyers will be available on this website, and it allows you to search by product to quickly find coupons for the item you are looking for. V

3. Krazy Coupon Lady: This site is very in-depth where you will find coupons on just about anything you can think of. This site also displays product offers, giveaways, contests and more.

Coupon Saving Websites / Services

These are large website that specialize in posting coupons or money saving deals. If you use them right, you should be able to cut back on some of your expenses.

4. Savings Angel: This is a subscribed coupon site that is free, but if you would like the full benefits the site cost $3.99 per week. This site does have the most comprehensive listing of coupons you will find and even offers personal advice on how to save on your groceries bills.

5. Smart Source: This coupon site allows you to enter your zip code and search for coupons that are available in your area. The upper part of the screen will even show the amount of coupons you have selected and will tally up the amount you have saved so far. This site is a must visit for mothers. Check out Smart Source to enjoy the benefits of this site.

6. This site is mainly a large database of available manufacturers coupons, but does show coupons available by area, and even will display coupon codes to be used. To get the full benefits off this site, it requires a subscription fee however you can still get a lot out of this site without the fee. Check out to explore the site.

7. Valpak: This is unique site that allows you to search for coupons in your specific area. The unique part about this site is it allows you to find coupons available for more than just groceries. You can find deals and coupons for restaurants, and other things such as movie coupons and more. Be sure to make this a site you visit for coupons. Check out the Valpak website and have a look around.

Loyalty Card Websites

A new trend that can be very convenient is the ability to store coupons on your grocery store loyal cards. This can save the hassle of printing and sorting coupons making things a lot easier for you. Check the websites of the stores you currently have loyal cards for to see if they offer this attractive feature. If they do not there are still some other useful sites that allow you to store coupons on loyalty cards that are shown below:

8. Shortcuts: This website allows you to input all your loyalty cards onto the site, and allows you to easily add coupons to your loyalty cards that will automatically be deducted when you are checking out with your groceries. Visit to check it out.

9. Cellfire: This website allows you to search for coupons in your area where you can then store the coupons directly onto your loyalty card, or you can even add coupons to your cellphone. Visit to get started.

10. P&G eSaver: This site allows you to sign up for free to receive any coupons that are offered by Proctor and Gamble which includes many brands such as Bounty, Crest, Bounce, Gillett and more. You can print out coupons or add coupons to your loyalty cards. To sign up visit the P&G eSaver website.

Coupon Apps for your Phone

Another method of using coupons is through mobile coupon apps. These apps can find coupons for you based on your location and which store you are at. For example, if you are at a Kroger store these apps will show you all coupons available at that store. Below are some of the best coupon apps.

11. Yowza: This app will record your location and show you all the coupons available in your area. The coupons can be scanned directly from your phone as the app displays a barcode. This app also provides direct links to the retailer’s websites. You can download Yowza in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

12. RetailMeNot: This app features a massive database of coupons readily available with over      50 000 retailers and restaurants nationwide. This app is easy to navigate as you can search through a number of different categories. RetailMeNot is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

13. Groupon: Perhaps the most popular coupon site, Groupon is a must have for every mother. This app features great deals and coupons on just about anything you can think of. You will find coupons on groceries, restaurants, vacations, actives and a lot more. This app is completely free and is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Honourable Mentions

Below are some other coupon sites that are worth checking out:

14. Amazon Mom: You sign up and pay a monthly fee, but get huge savings on certain categories of products on Amazon, such as saving 20 percent on all diapers. They have a free trial you can sign up for.

15. Gerber: Sign up for the Gerber Start Healthy Program to receive coupons sent to your email.

16. Enfamil: You can enroll in the Enfamil Family Beginnings program to receive coupons and rebates.

17. Living Social: this app is similar to Groupon helping you find deals in your area.