Assistance in Nevada

Nevada: Famed for the desert, for Lake Tahoe and probably more than anything else for the showcase city of Las Vegas. It is a fascinating state with many contrasts of scenery, cultures and ways of life to offer. However, if you are a single mom who is struggling to survive on a low income, chances are that you don’t see much of what Nevada has to offer. You’re just too busy trying to pay the bills, put food on the table and worrying about healthcare.

So, it’s good to know that Nevada has a number of state assistance programs in place that are designed to help people just like you. Make sure that you don’t miss out on your entitlement just because you don’t know it exists, or where to go to make the claim. Everything you need to know is here for you, so you can get the right information and talk to the right people quickly and easily. All it takes is a click of the mouse!


Financial Assistance

TANF (Temporary Financial Assistance for Needy Families) is another good place to begin your hunt for help. TANF exists across all the states, but the rules may differ slightly from state to state, so be sure to check out the link for Nevada as detailed below:

TANF can give you up to 60 months worth of financial assistance and support, but the program is designed to be a temporary leg up back to work and self sufficiency, so you can’t rely on the assistance past the time limit that you are set when you apply.

You might also be considering getting a Payday Loan, if coping with each month on a low income presents problems. Payday Loans are short term loans designed to get you through to your next wage packet…but they can come at a high price if you aren’t careful. Some have very high interest rates, and others impose big fines for late repayments. Be careful if you are looking at these, and always try to find a grant instead of a loan is possible. Remember, unlike loans, grants don’t have to be repaid!


Assistance with food

The need to supply good, nutritious food to her family is inbuilt into mothers. You know that it’s important for growing kids to have access to plenty of fruit, vegetables and dairy produce so they can grow strong and healthy.  But, what can you do if your budget doesn’t stretch far enough?

In Nevada, the first place to turn for help is SNAP. SNAP stands for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program, and it provides help towards the purchase of essential, healthy foods for you and your kids. If you are eligible (and all the details about eligibility and how to apply are on the website as linked below) you will be issued with an electronic card, just like a bank cash card, which is swiped through a machine in the participating grocery stores and is acceptable in payment of part payment for most foods. SNAP is the replacement modernised program for the Food Stamps programs.

Next, take a look at the WIC (Women, Infants and Children) Program. This is designed to help pregnant women or those who have kids under 5 years of age. WIC offers advice on nutrition as well as help with paying for food. Check it out here:

Finally, don’t forget that there are also Food Banks in Nevada that you may be able to use. You can find the nearest food bank to you on the link below:


Assistance with childcare

Here’s the conundrum that faces all single moms every day. You need to earn money, so you have to go to work. But, to go to work, you have to first find and then pay for, child care.  Many single moms find that the costs of childcare mean that they have little left over from their wage packets at the end of each month.

It seems like a pretty impossible situation, but Nevada will help you to find a solution. Here’s the link to the Child Care Subsidy Program, which offers assistance to both find reliable childcare and also with payment

If you find, however, that you don’t qualify for help through that program, don’t give up hope of getting affordable child care. There are a few things you can do to help yourself. Sometimes churches or other religious groups have child care on offer to their members, while there might also be other community groups in your neighborhood that can help.  Certain employers also offer subsidies towards child care for employees’ children, or even run crèches.  If none of these are possible for you, why not get together with other single moms and set up your own group? You can share the childcare if you work different shifts, or pay a little each to one mom to stay home and care for the kids.


Assistance with healthcare

Healthcare is another area that is probably giving you nightmares. Health care insurance is often expensive, yet you know as a mom that you have to have access to healthcare for you and your kids. There are all the routine things like vaccinations and dentistry for the kids, and if you are pregnant you will need care yourself. Then there are those occasions when you or the kids may become sick or have an accident requiring medical aid.

If you have a low income, first take a look at Medicaid. The Medicaid program is in operation across America, and it offers routine care and well as emergency care for low income families. See if you are eligible for Medicaid here:

Unfortunately, Medicaid does have a low income limit, and you could find that you are not eligible for the help. If this is the case, try seeing if the Healthy Kids Program can help.


Assistance with housing

Of course, being homeless is really not an option for single moms with kids. Wherever you live in Nevada, you need a safe, comfortable home where you can raise your family. If you need help to find suitable accommodation or assistance to pay the rent or mortgage, here is a link that could help you.

If it is the problem of paying for utility bills that worries you, there is a program called EAP (Energy Assistance Program) in Nevada that might provide the aid you need.


Assistance with education

These days we all know that to get on in life you need a decent education. The costs can be scary, especially if money is tight, but don’t worry. In Nevada there are many ways to find help to pay for education whether it is for you to gain more professional qualifications, or for your kids to go to college.

The first thing to do is to look at your eligibility for FAFSA. FAFSA stands for ‘Free Application for Federal Student Aid’, and this is what you need to apply for to get started. The link below gives you information, lets you download the forms you need to apply and gives you the school codes for Nevada. Help is also available (if you need it) to fill in the forms correctly, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Don’t forget that if you are interested in doing a professional course like nursing, extra help may be available.  There are other ways of getting help with the expense of education as well. These can range from individual or specific to college scholarships to sponsorship from an employer.

If you or your children have disabilities of long term illnesses, there may be grants for you. Cancer sufferers can get extra help in most cases. Check it out on the internet, as many special needs awards in cases like these are made across the US every year. Maybe your church or other religious group might offer help in the form of a grant or a loan? You won’t know if you don’t ask.  If your kids are talented in sports, academic subjects or even in helping out in the community there may be scholarships on offer for them too.


Assistance with transportation

Of course, it isn’t just the buying of a car that is expensive, they can cost a lot to run and maintain too. Maybe you can share the costs with another mom or group of moms?

If you live in one of Nevada’s towns or cities, public transportation is probably your best bet. It’s usually reliable and affordable, so get to know it.

So you can see that you aren’t alone, if you live in Nevada. Make the most of the help that is on offer for single moms in the state and chances are life will be just that bit easier from now on.