• money for single mothers
    11th July 2011 | Money
      Living a life of single moms can be very difficult. It sure does make life a living hell particularly when bills after bills are being laid up on your doorstep. Single moms have to deal all these problems alone since they do not have someone to share the burdens and responsibilities. Having someone to
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  • buy a house as a single mother
    11th July 2011 | Money
    It might seem daunting, even to the point of being impossible, but there are housing resources for single mothers with even just one income. The dream of owning a home in which a single mom may raise a family can be realized by her following some simple guidelines. These include: Determining the purchase price of
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  • bonding with baby
    20th June 2012 | Parenting
    If you are about to give birth for the first time, you could be wondering about the mysterious ‘bonding’ between you and you child that is so talked about. You might even be worried that it may not happen; that it may not happen as soon as the child is born…or you may even be
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  • singleparentdating1
    11th July 2011 | Dating
    There are single moms out there who are afraid to take the chance to love again. It is because they are still in the stage where they are still confused and are not ready to enter into a new relationship because they are afraid that the relationship might fail again. Actually, single moms should not
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30th May 2013 | Grants
FSEOG Grant Introduction The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is a needs based grant for undergraduate students. This grant does not have to be repaid. Students must be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant in order to be considered for the FSEOG grant. Eligible students need to demonstrate extreme financial need and have among
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9th February 2013 | Parenting, Pregnancy
“Dispelling the myths that can interfere with successful breastfeeding”   Breastfeeding your baby is one of the most important things that you can do to give her a good start in life. It not only provides your baby with the best possible nutrition (no formula can quite match it, breastmilk is perfectly designed for human
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28th December 2012 | Loans, Money
A Direct Loan Consolidation (also know as a Direct Consolidated Loan) is a program run by the federal government that allows people to combine their multiple student loans into one loan. This means that instead of making multiple loan payments over the course of a month you will make only one. The purpose of a
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28th December 2012 | Parenting, Pregnancy
So you are taking home your new baby, do you know what you are in for? Sure you have prepared for this moment for a long time. You have bought all the right stuff and read everything you could get your hands on. But actually living with a baby 24/7 is a whole new experience.
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16th July 2012 | Parenting, Pregnancy
Whether  you began your pregnancy knowing that you would be a single mom  or whether something went wrong along the way, being on your own and expecting your first baby can be daunting. There’s a bewildering array of baby goods in the stores, online and advertised in magazines. Moms’ forums are packed with people raving
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16th July 2012 | Grants
The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant (TEACH) is a merit based grant offered by the Department of Education. It is not dependent on financial need. The TEACH Grant is offered to students seeking a bachelor or graduate degree and are committed to serving as a full time teacher for 4 years.
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16th July 2012 | Money
Taxes are a once a year pain in the neck problem that most people have to deal with. Taking one look at even the most basic of tax forms can be overwhelming. Every line is numbered and this line needs to be added to that line and subtracted from the other line. You need to
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13th July 2012 | Divorce
Divorce is a difficult experience for everyone. No one undertakes it lightly, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Once you are certain that your marriage has irretrievably broken down, or he has left for good, divorce and all the misery it entails is the only option. That said, sometimes, being apart once and for all draws a
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27th June 2012 | Divorce
Although it is very common these days, with an alleged one in three marriages ending in divorce, the break up of an established relationship or a marriage is never easy to deal with. Divorce is painful emotionally for both parties, even when a relationship has broken down to the point of no return. It can
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21st June 2012 | Parenting
So, you’re a single mom, and you’re doing OK. Congratulations1 You’ve taken on the tough job of coping alone and raising a family, and you’re surviving. Not only that, you’re dating again, so you’re well on the road to a new and happier life. But, dating as a single mom opens up a new list
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